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Jul 3, 2012 09:51 AM

15th Anniversary in Old Montreal

Hello! We'll be in Old Montreal for 3 nights starting Aug 2nd for our 15th anniversary. Can't seem to find any events or festivals going on other than the finale of the International Fireworks Competition. I'm collecting names of restaurants on this site. My husband enjoys spicy foods while I do not. We're not interested in dressing up for a fine dining experience but do want to do something special on our anniversary. We're staying at the Auberge du Vieux Port. We do enjoy sitting outside over a glass of wine. I LOVE desert! Since it's only a month away, I'm thinking I need to make a reservation someplace. We do plan on exploring other parts of Montreal. Is there another restaurant area in the city that we should head to? Thanks!

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  1. Montréal is not really known for "spicy" food (french/european food history), except for ethnic food (Indian, Caribbean, Chinese)

    For good food in Old-Montreal, get you fix on "Les 400 Coups" (with good dessert) or at lunch time at "Le Club Chasse et Pêche" (for outside seating in a museum garden).

    As for other 'hoods (Plateau, Mile-End, Outremont, ... ), just look at recent threads, you will find lot of other information.

    1. For a 15th anniversary, I'd just go with Club Chasse et Peche. Try Les 400 Coups another night, though. I don't think you need to reserve a month in advance, but I guess it can't hurt...

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        Thanks for your replies!! I will check these out:-)

      2. Both Club Chasse et Peche and 400 Coups are pretty "fine dining" in my opinion, although in Montreal even the fanciest restaurants welcome patrons who are dressed quite casually.

        Can you be more specific about what you want for your anniversary dinner?

        If the requirements are sitting outside with a good glass of wine and an excellent dessert menu, my first thought would be Laloux, in the southern part of the plateau neighbourhood. Their pastry chef (Stéphanie Labelle) is fantastic and the selection of desserts is interesting and well executed. We enjoyed a glass of a special import fondillion there previously and I recommend you order it with (or as) dessert when and if you go. As for the rest of the menu, I've never been disappointed by any of their simple but well prepared french-inspired dishes. The service is very nice and unpretentious and the prices are reasonable.

        Here is Laloux's site (the menu on there is not the most recent):

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          Hello Mainsqueeze, thanks for this suggestion. I was confused in the other post when you mentioned it. It does look nice!