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Jul 3, 2012 09:17 AM

Caneles in Montreal?

Hey guys, I'll be heading to MTL in a couple weeks and am curious to know if anyone had suggestions on finding some good caneles? Maybe I searched it wrong, but I couldn't find mention of it on the QC board (well, there was one, but it wasn't an endorsement).

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  1. A couple of threads show up if you do a search beyond 12 months.

    1. The only 2 places that I've seen them are :
      Patisserie de Gascogne (Laurier st.)
      Ah-Roma (in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve) : Those are good, and they were the last one I ate (about 1 year ago)

      A quick googling also tell of : Mamie Clafoutis and "Point G", both are good places to get them if they have some.

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      1. re: Maximilien

        The ones at Point G are not worth it. They keep them refrigerated and it spoils the texture. The best ones I've had in Montreal were at Europea on Notre-Dame. The worst was from Saveurs du Plateau. It was so stale that, for a minute, I thought I was on a hidden camera show.

        Cannelés in Montreal are generally ok, but never outstanding. It's the kind of thing that you have to eat when it's fresh from the oven, like a great baguette, croissant or bagel and we just don't have the turnover for that.

      2. Thanks ios94, Maximilien, and SnackHappy! Useful notes in my search.. which may have to continue elsewhere (and not in MTL).

        Alas, I'll have to console myself with other baked goods. *sob*

        1. You can find good ones at Olivier Potier on Sherbrooke St W., but only on Thursdays. (I always call first). Last time, they were just coming out of the oven, and warm when I arrived. Perfect combo of custardy insides and carmelized outside. I make them too (and have chatterd about technique with M. Potier), but it's nice to compare to a professional...His are the traditional cannelé bordelais.

          1. I have tried them at KemCoBa , 60 Fairmount W. and they are very good you can find some very good pastries and home made ice creams. Both owners (one is as pastry chef ) they are on the premises all the time and they let you taste before buying.

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            1. re: Chocolat7

              I also like the ones at KemCoBa but never tried them before, I also enjoyed their mancha tea cake but I think they may vary the desserts.. I was happy to find some at the Just for Laughs festival this week, getting hooked on them.

              Kem Coba is next to Fairmont Bagel so you can just sit on a bench and have lunch (bagel and smoked salmon or cheese)with dessert! Its easy to get to from downtown as just off of Park AV.