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Jul 3, 2012 09:14 AM

What local beer available in Montreal supermarkets is worth buying?

I saw quite a few local beers at the IGA supermarket last time I visited Montreal.

I will be in Montreal this week and wanted to buy some local beers, so wanted to know which ones are good enough to take home with me to New York.

I prefer white/wheat beer that is not too bitter (hefeweizen, belgian white, etc.). I think they call this type "blanche" in Quebec.

Many thanks.

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  1. In supermarkets, you will find beer from the bigger smaller producers (as well from the bigger producers) like Boreal, Belle Gueule, McAuslan, RJ, Unibroue... those are good, but quite ubiquitous nowadays.

    If you want to have a better selection of smaller breweries, you better get out of supermarkets and go to specialty stores :
    Supermarché Rahman Le Paradis de la Bière (Laurier st) : also stock european beers.
    Les Délires du Terroir (rue-st-hubert).
    Marché des Saveurs : (Jean-Talon market).

    All those 3 stores could be visited in 1 fun foodie day.

    As for breweries to look for (the one I like):
    Dieu du Ciel, Archibald, "Les Brasseurs de Montréal", Barberie,

    Some of the breweries that market bottled/canned beers also have their own pub and/or restaurant :
    Dieu du Ciel, "Les Brasseurs de Montreal", "St-Ambroise" (aka McAuslan)...


    1. I like the Unibroue beers which are sold at iga, they would be blanche de chambly, blonde de chambly should check their website, as it gives tons of info on their brewing method, and food pairings, and some US stores carry them now too! I know that you love blondes, but when cooking, i really love darks, they make one called Les Trois Pistoles(3 pistoles) in english, that has undernotes of chocolate and caramel...I use this one as a braising component in beef short ribs, and also i addsome to fresh ground bison when making bison burgers....really good! check their site!!

      1. St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat is an awesome treat on a hot day. Agree that the Unibroue line is lovely.

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          I will second Ambroise apricot wheat beer!
          If you are in the downtown core, try Marche (rue) Stanley for a reasonable selection...

        2. Selection can vary a lot from supermarket to another one, even within the same chain.

          Brasseurs de Montréal beer can be found in various supermarket, at least around the south-west area of Montreal.

          Another place with a good selection of local microbreweries is Fromagerie Atwater, at the Atwater Market, great beer selection there if you are closer to that area.

          1. I'm not a big fan of wheat beers, but I found the new Heffeweizen from Belle-Gueule pretty good.

            Your best bet would be to go to a beer dep or a supermarket known for its beer selection. There are also a few specialized shops like Délires du terroir and Bieres Etc.



            As for Unibroue beers, I'm sure you can get them in NYC. Anyway, I don't find them that great. They are too strong and over-spiced as if they were caricatures of Belgian beers.