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Jul 3, 2012 08:45 AM

Lewis Wharf lunch on a summer Friday?


I've been given the task of finding a restaurant for a business lunch within walking distance of Lewis Wharf on the Boston waterfront.

So far I've come up with Joe's American Bar & Grill on Atlantic, Boston Sail Loft (looks a little too casual), the Living Room (menu looks really generic).

Any thoughts for some place nice within a five minute walk from Lewis Wharf?

Huge thanks!


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  1. Joe's is a good choice..nice outdoor patio.

    Another option is the restaurant at Battery Wharf...higher end than Joe's

    I'd avoid the Living Room

    1. Joe's could work and most of the North End is within a 5 min walk. The restaurant at Battery Wharf is Aragosta.

      Are you trying to impress someone or just do a quick sit down with decent food?

      1. I agree...Joes has a great patio...but that's about it. Living Room is worse. I haven't been to Aragosta yet but have heard great things. You are withing walking distance of the North End there as well which will have much more/ better options.

        1. I don't think the Sail Loft is any less casual than Joe's. It's not a chain, and I feel it has more of the waterfront feeling.

          1. Ended up going to Aragosta which was the perfect setting and delicious food. Service was very slow considering the place wasn't busy but I'll be back for more. Very creative menu. Thanks to CW posters for your help!