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Jul 3, 2012 08:16 AM

Where is Raku? In this strip mall?

Going to LV in 2 weeks for my little foodie excursion, planning on paying for my meals with my gambling winnings.

So where is Raku? Is it really in this strip mall ? I pasted Google street view link below, because it looks like the strip mall has nothing there. Is it in that space "Space available" ? I assume so.

It's not that far from Encore, maybe $20 cab ride?

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  1. Actually, it is located in the back of the strip mall that is east of the one in your google. East of Hauk St.

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      1. re: drtechno

        Went there last night - terrific meal . . . make sure you have reservations. Ride there was closer to $20 from Bellagio, but for some reason ride back was a few $$ less (maybe a quicker route?). In any event, about a 15 minute drive from center of strip.

        1. re: BRB

          Yea, had reservations for last 2 months (I think they were surprised I called so far in advance but I wanted to make sure I had them).. Anyway, coming from Wynn so it shouldn't be that expensive at all. Can't wait. You guys did the a la carte (create your own tasting menu, so to speak?) How many dishes did you guys manage to finish so I can gauge how many we should be looking to order (or I should say, how many we should narrow down our vast choices to)

          1. re: drtechno

            One important point. You need not order all of your meal upfront. Like most aburiyas, Raku is happy to have you order in stages.

    1. With Raku, Monta, and Kabuto all in the same little strip mall, 5030 Spring Mountain is a wonder.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Raku last night was superb . . . dare I say Kabuto was even better? Very different, but I absolutely loved Kabuto . . . just can't get sushi like that in Chicago; no way, now how. :(

        1. re: BRB

          Awesome. I would love to try Kabuto, but my wife is allergic to fish :( And I can't go solo. It looks like Raku has a sizeable non-fish menu so that works better.