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Jul 3, 2012 08:14 AM

Chocolate frosting in advance, refrigerate or room temp?

I will be baking cake layers this week two nights ahead of time and freezing the layers. I will be making the frosting one night ahead of time and wondering if I will destroy the texture by refrigerating it. I don't refrigerate my cakes after they have been frosted and am still alive to write about it, but as one big mass I am wondering if I should keep it in the refrigerator it until ready to frost. I also am concerned about a "dry crust" forming.

I have made a number of different chocolate frosting recipes from CI, but I was thinking of making this one for this cake I would make it at the last minute but I will not have a food processor or a stand mixer (but a small hand mixer) at our beach house. Thoughts?

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  1. I would make it with the hand mixer at the beach house. I could harden if refrigerated, and it might be a bigger pain to deal with the texture, yes, you can sit it out at room temp to soften it, but I would just do it with the small hand mixer. That's what I use, anyway.

    1. I would frost it the night before, when you make the frosting. The frosting will help keep the cake moist. I think you'd be fine leaving the frosted cake w/out refrigerating overnight. Refrigerating a cake is fine as long as you let it come to room temp before serving. I actually like cold cakes from the refrigerator but it can make the cake dense.

      1. I see no problem with making the frosting ahead of time and refrigerating it. The recipe is just a variation on buttercream. I've refrigerated buttercream frostings in the past, just bring to room temperature before icing the cake. And if you were inclined to whip the frosting as given as an option in the last step of the recipe, you can easily do that at the beach house with the hand mixer, especially if you dislike the texture of the refrigerated frosting.