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Jul 3, 2012 08:13 AM


I would welcome any recommendations regarding veggie places in Berlin. I'm staying near Unter den Linden. Any price level is helpful. Cheese is ok, but no fish.


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  1. If you want to go *all out*, Margaux has a multi-course vegetarian menu:

    That said, you'd be surprised at how many 'regular' restaurants in Berlin have vegetarian options on their menus -- it's not all pork knuckles & pan-fried pike perch :-)

    1. I've had good veggie meals at both Chipps and Cookies Cream:

      I enjoyed Kopps creative vegan cuisine:

      Since you're in Berlin, you need to try a doner. Voner has you covered with their veggie version (surprisingly good):

      Although not a strictly veggie restaurant, Taverna Olympia has a ton of veggie options and is delicious:

      Like Lingua said, most restaurants have veggie options, so should be covered wherever you go.

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      1. re: S_B_Russell

        I may be wrong and they've simply moved elsewhere -- but Chipps on Friedrichstr. is no longer open. There's now a *very* interesting looking/sounding place (far from vegetarian, however) called Pantry. I plan on trying it next week.

        1. re: linguafood

          Hmmm... as far as I know they're still in the same place they've always been - Jägerstraße. Maybe you're thinking of something else? :)

          1. re: S_B_Russell

            I am. Maybe that Kopps place you mentioned? It was some weird, semi-veggie place on Friedrichstr. where on had to assemble their lunch from various "modules". I never ate there b/c a) I'm not a vegetarian and b) it sounded like an idiotic & overpriced concept.

            Pantry, on the other hand, sounds interesting & I really will have to check it out soon. They could use some traffic, I think.

            ETA -- I just saw you said Kopps is on Linien. Oh well. Mystery place that is gone.