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Jul 3, 2012 07:56 AM

Paris Restaurants for Quick 2 Day Surprise Trip for Wife's Birthday

So I am surprising my wife for her 30th birthday and flying us out to Paris for 2 days, July 15th-16th (her birthday is on July 16th). Given that we are in Paris on Sunday and Monday, that already knocked out many of the restaurants I wanted to try. After a lot of research in to exactly which restaurants are open, ambiance, cuisine, price and reviews, I've tentatively decided on the following dining schedule:

Sunday Lunch: Bar Le Passage or Les Fables de la Fontaine
- any feedback on which one to go with?

Sunday Dinner: Pramil

Monday Lunch: Le Jules Verne
- Couldn't get a dinner reservation and figured this would be an excellent way to visit the Eiffel Tower on my wife's bday

Monday Dinner: Neva Cuisine

Any feedback on this lineup of restaurants would be much appreciated. Some other options I considered were:

- Fish (La Boissonnerie) for Sunday or Monday dinner
- Paul Chene for Monday dinner
- Il Vino by Enrico Bernardo for Monday dinner

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  1. Thanks for all the feedback!

    1. I would be happy with those choices, Les Fables would be my choice. On thought is that it is a lot of food, maybe a more casual lunch on Sunday to soak up the atmosphere - oysters and wine at a lively market bar - try Baron Rouge.

      1. Fish is ok but given you have only 2 nights in Paris I'd go for somewhere like La Cagouille. Your interest in Il Vino kind of suggests that you like wine, La Cagouille is heaven for white Burgundy lovers and they serve brilliant seafood. Il Vino is a really good experience. We loved the wine options game, service is excellent and food very good.
        Best Regards

        1. I presume you mean Senderens Bar le Passage. The sleek decor and international ambiance aren't really very memorable (and not very Parisien) but the food is a great intro at affordable prices to high-end cooking. Probably the better choice for lunch if you insist on a full dinner on the same day.

          Pramil and Les Fables de Fontaine seems a bit excessive on the same day. As does le Jules Verne and Neva. You might be able to enjoy the lunch but I doubt if jetlag and taste buds fatigue will allow much fun at dinner.

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            Thanks for the excellent advice. Still trying to figure out what to do.