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Jul 3, 2012 07:35 AM

Hatch green chiles

It's almost September and hatch chile season is near. My pepper plants put in a really poor showing this year and I want to by a bunch of hatch green chiles for the seeds. My question is since the consumer has no way of aactually knowing what is real and what is fake anymore beacuse labels can't be trusted, so just short of driving to New Mexico, who in this town is selling the real thing?

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  1. Well, maybe I'm optimistic, but I'd imagine that since Central Market actually has a branded "Hatch Chile Fest," they'd have the real thing.

    I could be naive in saying that. Has anybody heard otherwise? I always buy several bags of the roasted chiles every year and I've never been disappointed.

    1. I commend your optimism. By my calculation, based on the heat, we have about 7 more months to Hatch chile season...

      FWIW, the further you are from N. Mex., the easier it is to pass a sack of Anaheims for the real thing. Central Market's Hatch chile arrives from N. Mexico in branded boxes, so I am inclined to credit the source. That said, should you go to N. Mex, be aware that there are a lot of places other than the fields around Hatch that grown good chile. For 10 years or more, I bought 3-4 sacks (5-8bu) of chiles from a little stand just north of Espanola. I was never disappointed, though having to roast all of them in the late summer heat was always a chore.

      1. I'm sure everybody advertising Hatch chiles is selling genuine Hatch chiles. It's not very cost effective selling Anaheims when Genuine Hatch chiles are $.66/lb (or less) wholesale. I have never heard of counterfeit Hatch chiles - especially during Hatch season. Maybe in Maine or Oregon, but not here.


        1. Actually, a lot of "green chile" has started to come from Mexico. It's not something I usually have a problem with, but since this crop has been sustaining rural New Mexico for nearly a century, I always try to buy NM. As akachochin mentioned, you can usually see where they're from on the boxes. Last year I got some at Whole Foods, and some at Fiesta. Whole Foods cost 2X more, and was packaged in a clamshell on ice. Fiesta was roasted in the parking lot, and served in the usual method: into plastic bags. Both from New Mexico, both tasted great.

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            I used to be able to get a box delivered from Hatch directly. They would flash boil them in oil instead of flaming them. I know, sounds awful, but they weren't greasy and this method kept the skin and flesh in tact, but made it so you could freeze them and not end up with mush and also made the best chile rellenos ever.

            My big problem with getting the fire roasted anywhere is you may end up with about 1/4 worthy of any you can use, the rest is a burnt, mushy mess.

          2. The hatch chillies are here!!!
            My favorite hatch green chilies come from the CM at Westgate. Their Hatch Chili Festival, which you can read about below,has started and they've got boxes and boxes of the hatch peppers stacked up which come directly from New Mexico.


            I have tried buying them raw from CM and roasting them myself, but I prefer the taste of the in-house roasted hatch chilies that CM sells in a plastic bag.there is a hot and mild version. I usually get some of each and they are amazing when thrown into a blender to make fresh salsa, salad dressing, marinades, or even added into a fresh aioli. CM also does a hatch chili gelato -- usually chocolate and/or vanilla, but to me I prefer a different kind of chili when added to chocolate. The hatch is so flavorful that it overpowers the gelato, to my taste.

            I also tried the hatch chillies last week at the new Whole Foods down near William Cannon and mo-PAC. They were roasting them outside last week and had some freshly-roasted in the store. These were not very flavorful and poorly-roasted. Some parts were just charred whereas others were still a bit raw. They had a big sign outside that said "Whole Foods is first to the market with hatch chilies," but I will not get my hatch chillies there again because the qualit, taste and texture were not as good as CM.

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              How much are they going for at CM (raw price)? Sometimes at the beginning of the season they are more expensive. Usually the price is set in stone once the CM festival starts (which doesn't start for another 2 days).


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                $1.29/lb at HEB Riverside today. Both hot and mild. They looked awfully pale green though. I picked up a pound of the darkest ones I could find since I'll be firing up the grill tomorrow anyway. I'll wait until I find some greener ones to buy any more. Hopefully they go down to $.99/lb (or less) somewhere in the meantime.


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                  They're in the Whole Foods flyer that starts today at 3 lbs/$1. I just checked the flyer online so I haven't laid eyes on the actual peppers, but that's a great price to start season.

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                    Bought some today at HEB on Far West for .97 a lb. still a little light green though

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                      sqwertz i think HEB will be cheaper now because their chilefest started today.