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Jul 3, 2012 07:13 AM

Costco food finds - 3rd quarter 2012 [old]

For July-September. Since inventory varies a lot from store to store, please remember to include the location of your Costco.

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  1. I was at the Austin TX Costco today ( the one down south) and noticed they had small containers of saffron. Didn't buy any, as I have plenty already.

    They also still had red velvet cupcakes, didn't buy any as I ate enough last time I bought them LOL.

    Saw an 80" TV too. No I didn't buy it LOL. I was mainly there to buy meat.

    The peaches looked and smelled great though, so I bought a flat of them. I think they need a day or two on the counter before being ready to eat.

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    1. re: rasputina

      Oh good, I hope the saffron is a nationwide thing. I promised myself I'd buy it the next time they had it.

      1. re: rasputina

        Do you happen to know where the saffron comes from?

        1. re: CindyJ

          Last time I looked it was from Spain (but I don't know if they source from different locations for different stores).

          1. re: CindyJ


            If it's the same supplier as Costco.Com, then it is from Spain.

            1. re: Cathy

              Interesting -- I wasn't aware of the "certified color score" mentioned in the product description. I do remember reading something a while back that said that often, products labeled as saffron, really aren't saffron at all, and one way to determine if what you have is authentic is to soak the threads in water. Real saffron threads will remain deep yellow but the fake stuff will fade in color. I wonder if the certified color score is determined by a similar test.

              I'm intrigued and I'll definitely look for it on my next trip to Costco. The label on the jar of my most recent purchase of saffron shows the quantity in grains, not grams (1 grain = .06 grams). This seems like a great value.

              1. re: CindyJ

                I've purchased it at Costco, it's from Spain and they're full threads. It's a deal!

                1. re: cstr

                  Saffron is back at Costco #1 in Seattle. It's Spanish, La Mancha Saffron, Kirkland branded. The label has lots of verbage about its quality. $13.79 for the 1 gram (not grain) bottle.

        2. treb mentioned these in the last quarterly, but the "strawberry cherries" are scrumptious. They make up for the sad lack of Rainiers this year.

          Newark, DE Costco

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          1. re: Rilke

            Costco had a limited supply of Rainier's today.

            1. re: treb

              Thanks for the heads up. Any more strawberry ones?

              1. re: Rilke

                I was looking but, didn't see any. Those were a real treat.

                1. re: treb

                  Picked up enough Rainiers today to feed an army. But I actually find I prefer the strawberry cherries now that I've had them. Why did I only grab one tub? :P Hoping they'll make another appearance.

                  1. re: Rilke

                    What are these strawberry cherries like? Do they taste similar to strawberries?

                    1. re: Leepa

                      They taste like cherries infused with strawberries. Seriously. Sweet like Rainier but with more flavor, and without that cherry "bite" of Bings.

              2. re: treb

                Minuscule supply of Rainiers in Woodinville, WA today as well. About 8 cases, each holding two (maybe four?) 3-pound tubs. $9.99 per tub.

            2. I don't know if this qualifies as a "find," but I sampled Mayorga coffee this weekend (not sure which blend), purchased from Costco in Vermont, and it was excellent - I need to look for it at my local stores.

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              1. re: biondanonima

                Found it in Bridgewater, NJ today - but oddly, not in Edison, NJ.

              2. Premio fresh chicken sausages, purchased at the Costco in Westbury, NY. They taste just like a classic mild bratwurst - totally delicious. My husband, who is totally prejudiced against chicken sausages, LOVED these. A very nice lower fat alternative to regular brats.

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                1. re: biondanonima

                  Are those the ones with roasted red pepper? We get the chicken red sausages w/ the pepper and they are AWESOME! Good for a brat on the grill and / or chopped into sauce for spaghetti. They're a staple when I can find them at Costco.

                  1. re: JerryMe

                    No, these were plain, no red pepper involved. I will have to keep an eye out for the red pepper ones though, as I am a major red pepper fanatic!

                    1. re: JerryMe

                      I think you may be thinking of the Casual Gourmet Roasted Red Pepper and Spinach Chicken Sausage. This stuff is great and I've used it from just grilling to stuffed cabbage, omelets and the lasagne recipe in the package. What a find!!!

                  2. Just saw fresh figs, about a third of the price at regular super markets. BIng Cherries were $2.49 p/lb and they had more Rainier's as well. Also, peaches, from CA, have been excellent.