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Jul 3, 2012 07:00 AM

Fourth of July surprise cake

"Live free and dye" - to take some liberties with New Hampshire's motto. The creator of this new take on the Independence Day cake lives in neighboring Vermont. http://confectionsofamasterbaker.blog...

The usual sheet cake with berries probably tastes better, but this one beats it for shock and awe.

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    1. Can't help being tempted to make it as we'll be celebrating the 4th with children. They'd get a bang out of it, I think! Will let you know if I do it. Thanks for the fun post.

        1. I love the kitsch factor of this cake, and will totally make it for my children some day. Off the hook for this year though! Phew!

          1. 9 sticks of butter? Wow. Does look neat, though.