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Jul 3, 2012 06:22 AM

Food suggestions for a bday

It's my gf's birthday next week and I want to treat her something special. I am wondering if you fellow chowhounds can come up with some good suggestions, here's the criteria:

1) she doesn't eat meat (seafood is okay though), so I am looking for a place w/ a good vegetarian/seafood menu.Even better if there's a restaurant that specializes a good tasting menu for her preference.

2) looking for a bistro/fine dining type of setting, we don't want sushi bar in this occasion. Good decor/atmosphere a plus.

3) My budget's around $100-150 for 2 people (without wine)

4) Downtown Toronto area preferred, but anywhere in GTA is good

Thanks in advance for the suggesions!

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  1. Starfish or George would both fit the bill.

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      I don't think you could do either for $150 unless you ordered very carefully.

    2. Woodlot might fit the bill. They have a full vegetarian menu and a meat menu. It would be within your price point.

      1. Zee grill is my favourite old standby for seafood. It always has good food and decent service. It's not adventurous or exciting like a lot of the newer restaurants but it's always made my family and my extended family matriarch very happy (and she's hard to please).

        I also have been to Rodney by the Bay. It's more of a Bay street hang out but it has decent seafood with a bit more modern and sophisticated atmosphere compared to Zee.

        I know you said you didn't want a sushi bar BUT I would recommend Hoof Raw Bar as alternative. Great food and though it's based around small plates (which usually means $$$), we managed to be very full at $120 for a couple. The cured fish board is so good!

        1. What about Raw Bar? No reservations and not "fine" dining but fish and seafood oriented. I haven't been yet but it is downtown and I'll bet the decor/atmosphere would work for you.

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