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Jul 3, 2012 06:18 AM

de-constructing a lobster roll

So I am catering a party in a couple of weeks, and the client has requested that I serve a decoconstructed lobster roll as one of the courses, as opposed to my regular one.i have ideas on how i should go about it, but wondering if anyone had feedback on what they would want to see, as a potential usual roll i serve on a brioche slider bun, with brunoise of mango,cucumber and red pepper. chipotle mayo, and some chopped cilantro....i was thinking of making a chipotle mango coulis instead of the mayo...which incorporates 2 components. then a piece of lump lobster....maybe some sort of cucumber salad to serve it on...but i am a bit stumped for the i do some sort of homemade cracker?maybe a savoury crepe? as a potontial client, what would you want to see?

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  1. I have used hollowed out slices of cucumber as a base instead of bread for things like this - fill the scoop with the lobster and top it with a savory tuile, perhaps? Or if you must have a bread base, what about a cream puff shell?

    1. I don't have a specific idea for the "bread", but I would stay with something on the tender side, rather than the crispy side. There's just something about really chewy or crusty bread that I don't want with lobster.

      1. I'd use a brioche, as you do with your roll, and cut it into individual rectangles, maybe 2 inches by three inches by one each. Gentle toast in butter to capture the traditional buttered bread of a true lobster. Alternately, you could cut brioche into little mini-croutons and toast them in butter, then scatter them over the top.

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          That's what I was going to suggest, I like the buttered crouton idea.

        2. What about reversing the lobster and bread--cut rounds of lobster tail and top w/ panzenella type salad w/ toasted brioche (or maybe a heartier bread), the chipotle mayo, etc. It would give you a higher lobster to bread ratio.

          Or, you could do a bibb lettuce wrap and add toasted brioche crumbs on top. I would like to see more lobster, apparently.

          1. How challah toast points or a french bread crostini?