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Master Chef week of 7/2 (SPOILERZZZZZZZZZZZ)

I forgot what Stacey's sob story was but she was very clever in choosing teams for the food truck challenge. She picked Tali just in case her team lost that she has someone to crush in the elimination challenge. She also picked Frank and Becky for their talent even though she's not friendly with Becky. She must've wanted to spare the blind lady by putting her with Felix, Josh, and Cowboy, because I know Felix and Josh can cook. And then there's the disaster team of Monti and David with two other sacrificial lambs - Tanya and Anna. It's amazing how delusional David can be when he seems to the reason why their team lost - first he was slow to fire the burgers, so none were served for something like 15 minutes after the competition started, second, he served raw burgers. Unfortunately, his fat fingers were good at rolling tortellinis. Anna went home because her tortellinies were RAW!!! I'm surprised Gordo didn't call her a donkey.

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  1. I was so sorry to see Anna go!! She was both lovely and talented.

    That said, as team leader she should have had those burgers ready to go when the truck opened. And they should have done some interesting fries.

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      I agree, I thought Anna did a shitty job as team leader....and yet no one held her accountable.

      I caught a discrepancy about the burgers - they made a big deal about cutting from serving 2 burgers to one, but at the end of the challenge, when decribing each trucks food, Gordon definitely said "Two sliders and chips"
      Did anyone else catch that?

      I was also curious about how Christine handled that challenge...they didnt show her at all, and I am wondering how easy it would have been for her to contribute(?)
      I have missed the other team challenges, but for one where they did show her serving.. so not sure how she did on the breakfast challenge either.

      I was impressed by how good Monti and Davids tortellini were...I am a damn good home cook, but no way could I perfect tortellini the first time around!

      1. re: NellyNel

        Actually, Anna held herself responsible. She took the blame for David's burger not being ready on time.

        They were originally going to serve 3 sliders per order, of 2 different types. The team then decided to go with just 2 sliders per order, with 1 of each type. Gordo then told them, and the team agreed, to just 1 type of slider, but still 2 sliders per order.

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          Yes, in the end she did, I think more out of obligation and manners, but I think they are really blamed David 100%.

          Got it. Thanks for the explanation - yep that makes sense.

    2. I thought it was very cool to see everyone focused on the tortellini demo so that they could learn, despite being out of the challenge. Josh showing Christine by guiding her fingers was really sweet.

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      1. re: jessicheese

        I thought that was great seeing Josh show Christine that. I'm impressed w/ how some other competitors have stepped up to help her.

        1. re: jessicheese

          Agreed - I liked seeing that so I rewound the DVR to see it again. :-)

          1. re: jessicheese

            Glad to see I wasn't the only one who noticed that. Not only was it sweet, but to be able to take someone else's hands and go through the motions, also showed his knowledge. Not so sure, i could do that for someone after only seeing it once.

          2. I just discovered that Monti's name is Monti Carlo and I cannot stop laughing ....

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              1. re: jhopp217

                But isn't Danger usually a middle name?

            1. Just to everyone's points...

              I remember Christine saying she knows how to make Chicken Tikka Marsala, not sure if it was her recipe but it sounds like she had a good hand in making the food.

              How disappointing for Anna, she wasn't a strong leader but she did accept the responsibility. It was unfortunate that she went home.

              David, I guess I can understand now how he can ruffle some feathers he wanted everyone to say they were responsible for failing the task but he was the main reason. I'm getting the feeling that he doesn't work well on a team but individually he does very well.

              Tanya does seem to have a lot of heart. I don't think I'm pulling for her but last night I couldn't help but to not want her to go home. He poor little tortelinis looked like little envelopes and packages from the post office.

              Monti surprised me I didn't think she'd make it this far

              I really wanted the Indian truck to win. I think they did a better job in a lot of ways. Mexican (tacos) and American (sliders) just seemed so easy. I think Josh redeemed himself this week much better in the team challenge.

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              1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                Josh says he can do Indian but I do believe the chicken recipe is from Christine. It looked pretty good, especially with the naan.

                1. re: Worldwide Diner

                  Yeah it sounded like she had a big hand in the recipe. but I'm glad Josh was a better leader this time.

                  1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                    Ahhh, good to know it was mostly her recipe. And Josh was a good leader. I really thought the tacos and sliders would do better in the total overall sales. And the sliders *could* have done better....if they had had some to serve for the first 15 minutes, as Anna noted! Still in disbelief that David Martinez said it wasn't 10 minutes before the first burgers came out. REALLY?

              2. Sorry to see Anna go. :-( David Martinez was DEFINITELY the reason for their food truck not selling enough, and the fact he was completely idiotic in not accepting that he hadn't cooked anything before the lines started. Idiot. But Anna was the team leader - she should have been all over David's butt to get them on the griddle! Her "leadership" will be needed if she wants to start a catering company. But I'm glad Gordon Ramsay noted her that her cooking skills are excellent.

                I agree that Stacey was smart in her team set-ups. But I still find it interesting that she chose Tali as a team member.

                Do we have ANY idea what Christine did for her team? It almost looked as if she were handling the payments, but that couldn't have been true.

                1. And for Tuesday's episode, Becky seems to be the one to beat. Even Tali thinks so. :-)

                  Was interesting to see Graham's dish as compared to the home cooks' plates. However, when the hell did he make that dessert? They didn't even show that, and he goes to the fridge and pulls it out? And how did Monti pull out a good tasting soda bread if she burnt it? She was able to scrape enough of the char off the top so they didn't taste it?

                  Not surprised that Cowboy Mike went. Was surprised that Tanya did. Really thought Tali or David Martinez would be the next one out of there. But I guess raw garlic, raw eggplant, raw flatbread, and overly dry lamb lollipops were worse that Joe throwing out David's roasted lobster in the trash.

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                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    I knew when I saw Graham's face that it was going to be Tanya. He really liked her and was trying to mentor her. She's 21 and I think with a little more experience she'll become a great chef. She did have a heart of gold.

                    Did Monti burn her bread? I think maybe it was thought to be burnt but wasn't.

                    Becky is really stepping up. David is unsteady at this point and does not work well in a team. Tali has been lucky as of lately. I think Next week Tali's luck might run out.

                    1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                      Agree re: David and his inability to work as part of a team. I'm still rather stunned at his utter denial that the food truck loss had a lot to do with him.

                      Monti was scraping with the back of a knife blade at the top of the soda bread. Even Joe told her to ease up on how hard she was scraping.

                      And when they were all studying Graham's plate, and Becky looked up at Gordon with an "OMG, just *look* at that plate!" look? Gordon's face was priceless with his big grin and "See? This is what a Master Chef does!"

                      OH! And I was glad to see that Cowboy Mike publicly recognize Christine as one to beat. His phrasing on why she could win was really nice... something along the lines that she does more with food without being able to see it than the rest of them do when they can see it. And that he can't wait to buy her cookbook. :-)

                      Monti, Becky, David, and Tali all seem to dominate the camera time recently.

                      1. re: LindaWhit

                        David's inability to see he was the reason the food truck lost was odd to me too. He thought everyone should take the blame for his shortcomings.

                        I must have missed the scrapping of the bread but the inside must have made up for it.

                        Cowboy Mike was a class act. I wish some of the contestants could learn humility from him.

                        With Monti you can never tell if she's going to cry, turn out a win, catch something on fire, or be a smartass which = camera time.

                        Becky can be a little over confident and her feuding ways with Stacey also = camera time.

                        Tali is a bit delusional about his skill set and often says things that have us going WTF! which = camera time.

                        David had no perception of how others see him, or how to work as a team, or when to admit to himself and others when he has screwed up which = camera time.

                        What Happened to Felix? She was the first front runner out of the gate. Is she shrinking?

                        1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                          Monti reminds me of Katy Perry for some reason, LOL.
                          If she keeps performing the way she has lately, I think she *might* be able to win this. MasterChef likes to create dramatic finishes, and I think they'll achieve just that with this single mom. Her underconfidence, clumsiness, and good backstory MAY BE what's necessary to secure her a win here.

                        2. re: LindaWhit

                          If I'd burnt my bread so badly that it distracted everyone from the fact that I'd just NEARLY ELECTROCUTED MYSELF I think I'd scrape like crazy too. Seriously, what did happen there?

                          1. re: ennuisans

                            Yeah, they never followed up on that at all....

                            1. re: ennuisans

                              I missed the electrocution- what happened? (My On Demand doesn't let me fast forward this show, so I'm not gonna go back and watch it again)

                              1. re: DGresh

                                Something sparked on Monti's station - can't recall what she had in her hands, but all of a sudden, sparks flew and she screamed. But that was all we saw. Poor editing.

                      2. 7/9 ... Did anybody get a good laugh when Monti went to get her John Dory ?? She gets to the John Dory and says she sees someone's 'name next to hers'. Ha. I think I laughed for five minutes. Meanwhile, after all was said and done, she beat her competition !!!

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                        1. re: Cheese Boy

                          Refresh my memory, do we have any reason to think Monti is a bad cook other than the trash talk of other contestants and her general cameraworthy clumsiness? Every time she's cooked for the judges, as far as I can recall, they've had to restrain themselves from planting a kiss on her.

                          1. re: ennuisans

                            Monti is a tiger. She can win this whole thing in dramatic fashion.
                            IMO, if a person trash talks, they'd better be able to produce. Monti CAN produce.
                            She continues to amaze the judges week after week. If her clumsiness is able to garner her a lot of camera time, good for her, because like a circus clown, people enjoy that sort of thing.

                        2. For the 7/9 airing...

                          I guess it makes for good TV where you find contestants that need to pump themselves up by talking down to everyone else.

                          Becky, Felix and Tali (bye-bye) is very annoying in that sense.

                          What's up with Becky and Christine turning their noses to Monti's uni pasta dish?

                          I hope it's just they way the show is cut and edited.

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                          1. re: dave_c

                            I'm rooting for Monti. How can you not, she's reality gold. Curses as much as Gordon.

                            1. re: dave_c

                              WICKED tired of Tali's "I don't understand why these judges cannot see my genius?" Seriously, Tali? You are talking about two judges who are *real* master chefs and a restaurateur with many restaurants under his belt, and you're saying they cannot see your genius? Oy. If you were a culinary genius? You'd be in your own restaurant right now. Was SO glad to see him gone.

                              And while she's producing consistently good dishes (and handled that sea urchin like a pro), I'm really tired of Becky constantly putting everyone else down.

                              I knew Christine wouldn't be going home, even though she was bottom 3. David and Tali both made dishes WAY worse than hers. Figured it could have gone either way, but Tali using a sous vide prep on Arctic Char? Oy.

                              Oh - and one final note. Joe Bastianich. He gets all over Josh's ass about how to properly pronounce the type of pasta he made (I think he was saying "tagliarini"?) was obnoxious. It would have been the perfect time for someone to say "Hey Joe? It's pronounced ES-presso - not EX-presso."

                              1. re: LindaWhit

                                I agree with everything you said. I honestly don't get the trash talk -- I don't think I'd ever feel comfortable blasting a competitor like that, much less behind their back. (I mean, arguments happen, but at least then it's to their face.) It smacks of hubris to me.

                                My only hope is that everyone in Tali's life is now making fun of him for being such a douche on camera. If I knew him, you can bet I'd be using the "why can't they see my genius" line at every opportunity.

                                1. re: LindaWhit

                                  LindaWhit, you are always on top of all of it. I totally agree.

                                  What's with Bastianich? Is he really that unpleasant in real life? How do you run a business that way?

                                  And I figure that if anyone had told Joe how to pronounce espresso, it would have been edited out.