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Jul 2, 2012 10:08 PM

Help With Recipe Identification!


I recently attended the graduation parties of an Indian friend and a Bangladeshi friend. A similar dish was served at each - it seemed to be an appetizer type of dish. It featured chickpeas and potatoes, mixed with some assorted vegetables and some small crunchy cracker-like pieces? Perhaps they were little bits of fried pita? They were about the size of a cherry tomato. It was topped with cilantro sauce and another sauce, which was thin and brown. It is neither aloo choley nor channa masala; I've looked through those recipes and they do not appear to be what I have in mind. The overall coloration of the dish was greenish-brown.

Neither of those friends knows this dish, and my hunts for the correct recipe have been in vain. Any help would be greatly appreciated; I am craving this dish!! :P

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  1. Sounds like papdi chaat, or aloo chaat. Some kind of chaat anyway.

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      Yes, thank you, that is exactly what I'm looking for! Greatly appreciated!