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ISO large stockpot

Where can I get a large (12+ litre) but still home kitchen sized stockpot for not a bajillion dollars? Would Dante have one? Anywhere on the Plateau?

Also not sure if anyone can help here but if there are any recommendations for a butcher to get bones (beef) and carcasses (chicken) from, please post. I'm going to call or visit Alim Pot tomorrow to see if they have them . Whole chickens are also fine if I can't get carcasses, I'll just roast em and eat em first. Grassfed beef bones and pastured chicken would be FAB but I know this is almost certainly a vain hope.

I am going to make a ton of stock for the freezer. It's OK to store this in Ziploc freezer bags, right?

Thanks! :)

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  1. Monas, Tzanet, Norten, Empire Crockery... Any restaurant equipment place will have large stock pots. Dante will probably cost you twice as much. If you want stainless steel, they usually have one at Costco that's reasonably priced. Otherwise, the standard is aluminum.

    For bones and carcasses, Asian supermarkets always have them on hand. Not grass-fed or pastured, of course.

    As far as storage goes, I just use recycled yogourt containers. I reckon ziplock bags would be messy,

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      Zip-lock bags are a very sensible way to freeze stock, since they lay flat and take up less room. I've never encountered any kind of mess with them and have been freezing stock this way for years...

    2. Just a note - AlimPot is closed right now due to a recent fire in the adjoining building

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        try les viandes st laurent on henri julien, it is the restaurant devision of alimpot!

      2. When filling a ziplock with liquid, I like to set it open in a container like a pitcher with the top folded over. Ladle in the liquid, zip her up, and pull out of container into freezer.

        1. I gave up on Ziplocs because they might lay flat but they don't freeze flat. Went to the square Ziploc containers which will stack in the freezer.

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            I put the bags on a tray in the freezer. Once frozen, you can move them around.

          2. i always get bones from alimpot, i usually get a mix of veal and beef to make my demi glace...and you can buy stockpots at many stores...i had purchased mine from Tzanet, and provigo lentrepot.as for storing your stok, why not go to provigo lentrepot or to mayrand , you can pick up restaurant grade disposable containers in all different formats...i use the 1 liter for stocks and remis, 500 ml for demi, and the 250 ml for meat glaze....and i would suggest you take all the steps and make all 4....it takes me 3 days to make the stock, then the demi glace, then the glaze, and then a remouillage. if you need to know any of the proicesses to make them let me know, i will be happy to help!

            1. and ask for robert, or johnny at alimpot...they are both great!

              1. Thank you, thank you, all. Do you think the restaurant division of the currently-closed (any timeline on a reopen?) would be interested in dealing with my (smaller) order?

                Can anyone recommend any Chinese/ethnic butchers for bones - chicken and beef - the closer to the Plateau the better?

                Lastly, I do not want an aluminum stockpot, I do want stainless steel. Any recs based on this info?

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                  - have called les viandes st laurent in the past for smaller orders...you can ask for johnny. They were happy to oblige me. As for a stainless stockpot, they are available at costco, however they are not as large as restaurant grade, great for home use though. I actually start the stock in a restaurant size on(I use a whole case of bones at a time) and once strined, I use the stainless and smaller pot for the demi glace....

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                    Just called them and ordered some beef and chicken bones for pickup tomorrow - they were super patient with my idiocy and very nice, I'll definitely be going back. Inexpensive, too. Yay! Thank you so much for this rec!

                    Do you know if the Costco stockpots are over 10L capacity? Just wondering.

                2. I got my large 12 litre stock pot with thick bottom at Walmart's. Don't laugh, America's test kitchen tested All Clad stock pot and a Walmart's stock pot and they found the Walmart's one to be very good for the price difference.

                  Also if I might suggest, I use whole chickens for my stock, the skin gives it the taste. I degrease after cooking. While cooking I add yellow onions with skin on and this gives your stock an amazing golden colour. (America's test kitchen again.)

                  Yes you can store in Ziploc bags, it is probably best to bring stock to room temperature before transferring though!

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                    America's test kitchen found the Tramontina stock pot sold at Walmart to be quite good.

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                      Wal-Mart doesn't sell that Tramontina line in Canada.

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                        Thanks for mentioning that, Snackhappy, I was going to pay to take a cab out there tomorrow - just saved me $50+ plus. And thank you, too, Ruthie, maybe I will look on eBay. I now have a freezer full of beef and chicken bones so I need to do something with them to free up space.

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                          This is what I do .. I get Ball wide mouth FREEZER jars. You can get either pint size or quart size. Get the stock to room temp and pour into the jars, place in freezer.

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                            Anywhere I can pick those up in Montreal? Thanks. :)

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                          I did buy the very pot at Walmart's about six years ago. Maybe they discontinued carrying it. I am very pleased with mine,

                    2. I got a cheap one ($25) at the shop on St-Laurent, Nino La Cuisiniere, near Pins. It's very big, stainless steel or at least coated with stainless. It can hold two chicken carcasses easily. It's handy for big amounts of pasta too. I usually use most of my stock right away for couscous merguez or soto ayam, and then freeze a bit in whatever plastic containers are at hand. I usually buy inexpensive chicken legs from Sakaris and leave the skin on, and add a lot of veggies, preferably organic as they have a lot more flavour especially organic celery, leek, garlic, ginger and herbs. I pluck the meat off of the bones when the stock is made and fry it up with some soya sauce and cumin to eat with the soup.

                      1. You never know if you go to yard sales you might find something there. I have bought a number of items at tag sales.

                        1. I got my 16L stainless stockpot at Norten for about $70 - they have lots of choice of sizes on hand.
                          As for the bones, I've been getting my veal bones at la Maison du Roti, but at 4.99/kg, I suspect Viandes St Laurent is a better deal. I'll check them out next time!

                          1. Slovenia 3653 St-Laurent sells boxes of veal bones and possibly split boxes. I make 2x20L runs of dense fond with a box. Quite enough for a season of home use and some gifts. I get the plastic containers from Aubut. They sell tubes of 50. Take the ones that go in the nuker, they are heat resistant. Or start eating yogourt and keep the pots. They resist well in the freezer.

                            You can order boxes of duck carcasses for brown stock at Slo (or at Canard Libéré). Usually frozen so I buy them from Slo (need to order) and they keep them in the fridge to thaw. Pick up 2 days later. Bonus: a box will give you around 1L of rendered fat if you trim the carcasses and enough meat to make a very large batch of rillettes. And of course quite a lot of stock.

                            I can share some duck boxes to make this operation more manageable. That is when the temperature cools down a bit.

                            Chicken feet! It looks like Halloween in your pot but this is the best chicken stock ever full of collagen. Get them in China town or Iasenza on Bélanger/St-Michel.

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                              Thank you! I was reading about stock making last night and thought I might need to get some chicken feet, so that's a handy tip. I want it thick/wobbly/gelatinous. And I am in one the duck carcasses when the weather cools off, for sure.

                              Also thanks for stockpot tips!

                            2. Consider the secondary market. I got my 20-quart Vollrath at an auction for eight dollars.

                              1. If you are still looking Costco and Winner's are carrying large stockpots for under $50.00.