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Jul 2, 2012 10:01 PM

ISO large stockpot

Where can I get a large (12+ litre) but still home kitchen sized stockpot for not a bajillion dollars? Would Dante have one? Anywhere on the Plateau?

Also not sure if anyone can help here but if there are any recommendations for a butcher to get bones (beef) and carcasses (chicken) from, please post. I'm going to call or visit Alim Pot tomorrow to see if they have them . Whole chickens are also fine if I can't get carcasses, I'll just roast em and eat em first. Grassfed beef bones and pastured chicken would be FAB but I know this is almost certainly a vain hope.

I am going to make a ton of stock for the freezer. It's OK to store this in Ziploc freezer bags, right?

Thanks! :)

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  1. Monas, Tzanet, Norten, Empire Crockery... Any restaurant equipment place will have large stock pots. Dante will probably cost you twice as much. If you want stainless steel, they usually have one at Costco that's reasonably priced. Otherwise, the standard is aluminum.

    For bones and carcasses, Asian supermarkets always have them on hand. Not grass-fed or pastured, of course.

    As far as storage goes, I just use recycled yogourt containers. I reckon ziplock bags would be messy,

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      Zip-lock bags are a very sensible way to freeze stock, since they lay flat and take up less room. I've never encountered any kind of mess with them and have been freezing stock this way for years...

    2. Just a note - AlimPot is closed right now due to a recent fire in the adjoining building

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        try les viandes st laurent on henri julien, it is the restaurant devision of alimpot!

      2. When filling a ziplock with liquid, I like to set it open in a container like a pitcher with the top folded over. Ladle in the liquid, zip her up, and pull out of container into freezer.

        1. I gave up on Ziplocs because they might lay flat but they don't freeze flat. Went to the square Ziploc containers which will stack in the freezer.

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            I put the bags on a tray in the freezer. Once frozen, you can move them around.

          2. i always get bones from alimpot, i usually get a mix of veal and beef to make my demi glace...and you can buy stockpots at many stores...i had purchased mine from Tzanet, and provigo for storing your stok, why not go to provigo lentrepot or to mayrand , you can pick up restaurant grade disposable containers in all different formats...i use the 1 liter for stocks and remis, 500 ml for demi, and the 250 ml for meat glaze....and i would suggest you take all the steps and make all takes me 3 days to make the stock, then the demi glace, then the glaze, and then a remouillage. if you need to know any of the proicesses to make them let me know, i will be happy to help!