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Jul 2, 2012 09:53 PM


It looks like I will be having dinner at Hishinuma soon. Has anyone been?

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    1. re: CWFOODIE

      It was distinctly average.

      I went last week. My assessment may not be completely fair because I went for lunch in the end rather than dinner, and sometimes the standard of kaiseki dinner is very different from the standard at lunch time (to be fair, so is the price), but based on that experience I will never be back.

      The food was OK, but there was nothing memorable. Some of it was just bizarre. For example, there was a cold dish of figs, crab, a kind of dashi jelly and green beans. The combination of crab, fresh figs and the jelly was inspiring - a very refreshing and tasty summer dish (by far the best dish of the lunch in fact). But what on earth did the beans do there?? Tasteless, hard, rubbery broad beans which did absolutely nothing for the dish and just made no sense. To add colour or a textural contrast? Really didn't work. And the dish (like the other dishes) was not presented well at all. As if some appreciatice new to cooking had had a go in the kitchen and was unaware that presentation in kaiseki actually matters. Very lovelessly shoved into the bowl.

      The less said about this place the better. Not a winner.