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Jul 2, 2012 09:48 PM

Sausage condiments

For our July 4 cookout, I'm grilling a variety of sausages (as well as hot dogs for the kids). I've got a wide range, from chicken-apple to bratwurst to kielbasa to garlic. Aside from the basics—mustard, relish, kraut—what are some fun condiments I can put out? I don't have any time to cook (hence the sausages), so it has to be something I can purchase or throw together really quickly.


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  1. caramelized onions

    tomato chutney

    garlic aioli

    1. Pickle relish (sweet and dill)
      Shredded cheeses
      Sauteed Bean Sprouts (dash of good quality soy sauce)
      Chopped tomato
      Chopped green and red peppers
      Jalapeno strips
      Beer .......

      1. Sriracha
        Roasted red peppers, onions
        Pico de gallo / Salsa
        Chipotle mayo, Queso blanco

        1. My husband loves raw shallots or raw onions on dogs. (Then again he'd even eat those on ice cream.)

          Black bean and corn salad/salsa also goes nicely. And chili of course.

          1. Peppers and onions, as Cheese Boy noted, is the classic.
            Chimichurri works, but not with the fruity sausage.