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Sausage condiments

For our July 4 cookout, I'm grilling a variety of sausages (as well as hot dogs for the kids). I've got a wide range, from chicken-apple to bratwurst to kielbasa to garlic. Aside from the basics—mustard, relish, kraut—what are some fun condiments I can put out? I don't have any time to cook (hence the sausages), so it has to be something I can purchase or throw together really quickly.


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  1. caramelized onions

    tomato chutney

    garlic aioli

    1. Pickle relish (sweet and dill)
      Shredded cheeses
      Sauteed Bean Sprouts (dash of good quality soy sauce)
      Chopped tomato
      Chopped green and red peppers
      Jalapeno strips
      Beer .......

      1. Sriracha
        Roasted red peppers, onions
        Pico de gallo / Salsa
        Chipotle mayo, Queso blanco

        1. My husband loves raw shallots or raw onions on dogs. (Then again he'd even eat those on ice cream.)

          Black bean and corn salad/salsa also goes nicely. And chili of course.

          1. Peppers and onions, as Cheese Boy noted, is the classic.
            Chimichurri works, but not with the fruity sausage.

            1. Not for the squeamish:

              Equal parts sriracha, tomato puree, and horseradish
              Equal parts wasabi paste, mayonnaise, and Dijon mustard

              If you're serving them on a bun (hoagie roll), some sort of sauteed green like broccoli rabe or broccolini

              1. Tapenade, pesto, chipotle mayo.

                1. I love balancing sweet with savory/spicy when serving sausage. I made this "mostarda" a few weeks ago and served it with a homemade French country-style sausage and it was a hit.


                  1. Curry ketchup / curry sauce
                    Pimento cheese
                    Fry sauce
                    Avocado mayonnaise
                    Wasabi mayo and seaweed flakes
                    Sweet chili sauce

                    1. Couple of different kinds of mustard (grainy, Dijon) and flavored mustards are both commercially available and easily made if you have the ingredients lying around - horseradish, wasabi, just a touch of honey, or chopped herbs, etc. - dill mustard can be very good with mild sausage.

                      Pseudo-currywurst sauce - basically ketchup simmered briefly with a little vinegar and curry powder to taste

                      I don't know what your schedule's like, but both of the above would taste best if you made them today and let them meld overnight.

                      Depending on your guests' tastes, just a couple of bottles of plain hot sauce, in addition to other spicy condiments

                      1. Pickled hot pepper rings like this
                        spicy, but not too hot

                        1. I make a mean blueberry "ketchup". Roasted purple grapes with their syrupy juices are awesome with sausage, too.

                          1. Thanks, all! I'm going with curry ketchup, sauteed peppers and onions, sweet and spicy mustard, kraut, relish, hot pepper rings, raw sweet onion, and maybe some sort of sriracha/mayo combo. Myself, I'll be having a classic Chicago dog, as always.

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                              Hope it was grand! You inspired me to try something similar for myself and hubby. We did hot dogs (spiral-sliced now of course lol), Italian hot, beef Hillshire Farms sausage, turkey burgers. Ketchup, marinara, raw shallots, homemade mustard, homemade blueberry ketchup, home-fermented sauerkraut, homemade relish.

                              Was lovely. Plus now we have 4-5 days worth of food. Only downside: with exception of the burgers and the Duchess, it was a total sausage-fest. ;)