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Jul 2, 2012 09:24 PM

First/Hospital Hill take out lunch.

I broke my leg spectacularly last week, and I'm at home now in an immobilization splint. I will be having surgery Wednesday, and in the hospital through Saturday, I have had a couple friends offer to pick something up to supplement my hospital fare, and while George's Deli always has a solid kielbasa sandwich, I'd be interested to hear what you would have people pick up if you were laid up in Harborview for 3-4 days.

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  1. Piroshki
    Chicken katsu curry don from HaNa
    pho or pork belly from Ba Bar
    Vietnamese sandwiches and spring rolls from one of the many places in little Saigon
    Dim sum/chinese bbq from Harbor City
    Wild boar sloppy joe from Quinns
    Bagels with date creamcheese from eltana

    1. Anything from the Thai Curry Simple 2 stand on Madison and 12th.

      1. Anything from In the Bowl vegetarian bistro -- especially the "melting culture" dish. Cold roast half chicken from Cafe Presse. Plus the items previously posted, esp dim sum from Harbor City.

        1. Good stuff! Surgery moved to thursday. Thanks for the ideas!

          1. My better half spent a few days in the hospital recently. I brought her:
            Roast chicken, frites, and frisee salad from Cafe Presse (they have a take-out menu - we've gotten this every time we've been in the hospital.)
            Spicy pork tacos and aloha sliders from Marination Station.
            Chicken & waffles from Skillet Diner (which wasn't as good as I'd hoped.)

            Would do again.