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Jul 2, 2012 09:18 PM

xian food in SF?

Coming for a work visit (super short -- only in SF on Friday and Saturday, flying out Sunday). I am from Toronto and looking for a Xian food fix, specifically liang pi noodles.
Any places in SF where I can satisfy this craving?

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  1. Liang pi dishes are available but Shandong style, not in Xian style.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      What is Shandong style liang pi like?

      1. re: eethan

        Not sure I could define Shandong style for you, mostly I wanted to let the OP know that I've not seen Xian style here. Or at least not like the photo on Xian Foods site or the descriptions on the Manhattan board.

        Closer to your nabe, eethan, would have been China Village or Great China for Shandong style but they're both closed now.

        Shandong style - the mung bean sheets are underneath all those toppings

        Tianjin style

        Dongbei style - no seafood

        Simple version with cucumbers and chicken in garlicky sesame sauce

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Thanks -- those all do look pretty different. I've had the Xian FF dish a couple of times, and my impression of the taste is a little spicy with a savoury, funky undertone (all coating the great chewy noodles, of course). The Shandong style gives me the sense that they are more about fresh flavours -- which I think I'd prefer with seafood -- and none of them spicy(?).

      2. re: Melanie Wong

        For Shandong style liang pi I would recommend San Tung in the Sunset. No idea about Xian style though.

        San Tung
        1031 Irving St

        1. re: od_sf

          Haven't had it for many years, but the other place in SF that should have it is San Wang aka Sam Wong, a Shandong, Korean-Chinese place in Japantown. Here's my post from 2001, the first time I'd had this dish, called "Hot and cold meats and vegetables with mustard sauce" on the appetizer menu.

      3. The only good capable Islamic Chinese in SF I would say is Old Mandarin Islamic on Vicente. They have a "cold noodle salad" appetizer but appears to have cucumbers and chicken shreds from a yelp listing photo. If they have the materials perhaps you could request them to make that rendition. The food is way more Beijing slanted than Xi'an.

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        1. re: K K

          Old Mandarin's noodles are pretty weak compared with other Muslim Chinese places I've had them (not that I know of any others in SF proper).

          If you have time and a car, you might schlep to Chinjin Eastern House in San Jose.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Yeah that's true...all the Chinese speakers/expats who blog never order noodles at OMI, always the Beijing style hotpot and the pickled sour cabbage cold appetizer (and of course the multi layered beef pancake), with the option of adding some lamb organs/parts for the hotpot.

        2. I'll have to agree I've never had anything in greater SF similar to what I had in X'ian. The cumin meat sticks will be good, but I also very good XLB. It's not just about islamic, there's things like the famous "Fan Cooked Pork" place near - I think - the drum tower. It's chinese, but it's got a lot of cumin / cinnamon type spices. I was reading about a Shanghai place that was trying to replicate the Fan Cooked Pork outside of X'ian.

          1. You can get Liang Pi at Xi An Gourmet on Geary between Arguello and 2nd Avenue in a simple way with chilli oil, bean sprouts and wheat gluten or with sesame sauce. I also had the cumin lamb sandwich and had the hand cut/pulled noodles (I asked them to make it specially wide as they come thinner) in soup or just Shaanxi dry style and everything seems pretty good (my comparison is to dishes at the very successful mini chain of informal restaurants called Xian Famous Food in NYC). I have not had food in Xian, China so I cannot compare the quality in that respect. I am happy as I can have my Xian fix in SF.

            1. Linking up the newest entrant, House of Xian Dumpling in SF Chinatown,