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Jul 2, 2012 09:17 PM

Teenager Eating Adventure

We are heading to NYC next week and are looking for some moderately priced dining options for a family of 4 including a 14 year old boy who will anything and a 17 year old girl who is incredibly picky - and two adults who don't want to spend any time in any "average" fast food venues! Does anyone have any suggestions? Are food trucks good options for lunch on the go? Are they easy to find in NYC?

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  1. Welcome to'll get more specific suggestions if you give the board a few more details:

    -- any cuisines you especially like or dislike?
    -- what part of town will you be staying in and what areas will you be exploring?
    -- define "picky" (i..e. only veggies? no spicy food? etc)
    -- what do you consider "moderately priced", per person, before tax/tip? (one person's moderate is another's expensive)
    -- what city are you coming from? (i.e. if you are visiting from Texas or NC we won't recommend BBQ places, if from Los Angeles no Mexican, etc)...

    No need to eat any chain fast food in NYC...tons of better options for quick meals all over...fill in the details and i'm sure the board will yield some good ideas :)

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    1. re: Simon

      Love any cuisine actually ... Asian, American, Indian, Italian ...
      We are staying in Weehawkin NJ and will be exploring Manhatten around major tourist spots and a bit of Brooklyn as we have friends who live there ...
      We have toured Europe extensively and usually try to go off the main streets to find good food and not overpriced touristy fare.
      We are coming from Toront Ontario Canada area so are looking for food that is moderately priced ... say around $20-$30 per person before tax/tip ... or less. Lunches I would like to do on the cheaper side ... say a sandwhich to pick up ...
      Because we are only in NYC for a short time I don't want to waste money and time on crumby food.
      I know in a bit city it is hard to narrow it down to a couple of options but am trying to get the best gastro-experience possible.
      Have decided that the picky teen will just have to suck it up and find "something" wherever we go.

      1. re: marshmallow67

        Presuming you have not been to NYC before (?), you might want to take my self-guided Lower East Side eating tour. I think you and your teens will enjoy having a taste of quintessential NY foods as you walk the streets of this historic neighborhood.

        Here's the link to the tour with walking instructions:

        And here's the link to some updates:

        1. re: RGR

          Definitely check out RGR's link. The $1 tip at Katz;s is the best spent dollar in NYC.
          I would add Inoteca on same street as Katz's ( Ludlow St) ,, i would try Robataya, its a fun place for teens, as the chefs in their Ninja crouch serve the food on a long wooden paddle. ( sit at the counter , not a table). Walk up St Marks place and pick what seems to be the coolest place. Try some NYC pizza, maybe Motorino, maybe John's , maybe Lombardi...Golden Unicorn might be fun with the dim sum carts ( I'm not sure if Toronto has carts for dim sum),,, Ippudo might be a good choice for Ramen and some appetizers ( pork buns or chicken buns),,,,,,Ed's Lobster Bar is good, so is Pearl Oyster Bar. ,,, the garage on W12th St. Num Peng ( has great "cambodian" sandwiches)., Hill Country is a fun BBQ place. Eataly might be interesting.

        2. re: marshmallow67

          Here a few places that come to mind (not "musts" necessarily, just fun places that you might enjoy):

          -- Malatesta...casual rustic Italian place in the far West Village, close to the Hudson River...

          -- Cacio e Vino...Sicilian in the East Village

          -- Cafe China...on 37th St, not far from the Empire State Building and Grand Central...mostly Sichuan menu, but plenty of non-spicy options too...very well-reviewed and more relaxing and nice inside than many Chinese places...there is a fairly recent nytimes review...

          -- Ippudo Ramen...East Village/Union Sq

          -- Tertulia...trendy rustic Spanish in W. Village on 6th Ave

          ...for food trucks, i'd say do a search here and see what sounds interesting...also, once you have your sightseeing itinerary figured out, you might get some interesting recs by posting a question specific to one day/place/lunch/dinner: i.e. "Places to Eat Lunch near MOMA?"...or "Casual Dinner in West Viilage w/ Two Teenagers"...


          1. re: Simon

            Thanks Simon ... I have been doing a bit of researching here and found Malatesta and Cacio e Vino on some posts so I think we will try one of those ... will look into the others too - I appreciate your help!

      2. For a great NYC eating experience that has something for eveyone go to Katz's Delicatessan!!