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Vermont Restaurants

Hey everyone! My man and I are heading to Vermont for a few days in August. I am looking for some restaurant recommendations. It doesn't matter where in the state as long as its GOOD.

We usually are looking for something that uses local ingredients (Farm to Table). Not picky though...just want a good Vermont experience. Trying to stick clear of tourist traps.

Let me know what you guys think!

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  1. Try Prohibition Pig in Waterbury. Right off Rt 89.


    1. The Inn at Shelburne Farms is amazing - pricy, but amazing.

      1. Hen of the Wood (Waterbury)
        Trattoria Delia (Burlington)
        L'Amante (Burlington)
        Skinny Pancake (Montpelier and Burlington)
        Three Penny Taproom (Montpelier)
        Bluebird Tavern (Burlington)
        Bluebird BBQ (can't remember the name, it's opening up in the next week or so, Burlington)
        Salt (Montpelier)
        Bacon Thursday's at Nutty Steph's in Middlesex
        Red Hen Baking, same building as Nutty Steph's
        Any of the farmer's markets

        Oh there's a new place opening up, it's a local farm that's opening up a cafe. Saw an article about it in 7 Days but didn't note it for future reference because it's pretty far from me. Check out 7 Days, and look for food articles by either Corin Hirsch or Alice Levitt from last week or the week before.

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          Wow guys. Thanks so much! I have heard great things about Prohibition Pig and both of the Bluebird restaurants. I am VERY excited about trying these places out.

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            In Addison County -
            Starry Night Cafe in Ferrisburg
            Black Sheep Bistro in Vergennes
            Bobcat Cafe in Bristol
            Bar Antidote in Vergennes ( the chef raises his own pork just up the road from the restaurant )

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              Starry Night Café still reigns as my favorite.
              Tourterelle is also great (New Haven)

        2. If you are going up I-91, get off in Springfield and seek out the Black Rock Steakhouse. My Mom raves about the place. As have others I have talked to who have been there. Here, your meat/chicken/seafood arrives on a slab of very hot volcanic rock and finishes cooking at your table.


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            I'm from Springfield originally but haven't been there in a couple years. This place looks pretty good and is super well priced. Hopefully they can succeed, Spfld isn't the land of tons of successful restaurants and the nicer ones have been gone for a while (The Paddock, Penelope's).

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              I grew up in Springfield but haven't lived there for years. (OK, decades.)

              This family hasn't had much luck, either. IIRC, their former place burned down. I like the new concept and hope they can make a go of it.,

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                Don't go here. their produce and seafood is never fresh and their chocolate fondue? I could still see "hershey" half melted.

          2. SoLo Farm & Table in South Londonderry: http://solofarmandtable.com/

            The chef, Wesley Genovart, grows a lot of his own produce on site, does his own foraging for the likes of fiddleheads, ramps, and mushrooms, cures his own meats, makes his own pasta and ricotta. The place is just impeccable – each dish is a visual work of art in addition to being magically delicious. Wes was the chef at Degustation in NYC for several years; his wife, Chloe, was the maitre d' at Per Se.

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            1. The weathersfield's inn's chef won Vermont chef of the year award a couple years ago.
              Roots in Rutland and the farmhouse tap and grill in burlington have delicious organic localvore food

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                I went to the Weathersfield inn not that long ago. The food was pretty good, but our waitress was the most annoying person I've ever met. She wouldn't stop talking and took away from the meal. After every order she had something to say along the lines of "ohhhh good choice" or "I got to try that earlier this evening and it was great". She had a comment or a story about her childhood for every order. The food was decent, but the service was bad enough, that it will be many years before I ever go back there again.

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                  I think that is just "Vermont" for you. Most service I've gotten there sounds like that.

              2. Highly recommend Pistou in Burlington and Kitchen Table Bistro in Richmond. Also second the recommendation for Hen of the Wood in Waterbury.

                1. I realize this is a bit of an old thread, but I have to recommend the Victorian Inn, in Wallingford, VT. It isn't far from Rutland or Okemo Mountain. The chef is swiss and the food is great.


                  1. Again, late reply, but we went to SoLo tonight in South Londonderry and it was exceptional.

                    1. Silver Fork in Manchester is really good....well worth a side trip in that direction.