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Jul 2, 2012 07:04 PM

best ribeye in monmouth county?

hello cental NJ chowhounders,

For those that enjoy the fatty goodness of the ribeye, what is your "go to" steak establishment? I am referring to ribeyes only please and legit steak lovers ; )

I have a strip spot but never really finalized a ribeye joint locally.

Last winter I had an outstanding ribeye at La Cipollina in freehold. This steak was a BEAST! I was there on a rather dead night so I am not sure if the waiter/chef just hooked us up with the best they had or if this was standard issue. They knew we were there on business so I need to get back to see if we got some preferential treatment or not.

Anyway, the steak was really a suprise coming from an italian BYOB place! It came with a nice healthy portion of caramelized onions, a little mushroom and all brought together by some slab bacon cooked up into the mix....superb. What a nice size and tasty side dish to accompany a great rib eye. This was served by itself on a small plate. Then on the plate itself was a large helping of fingerling potatos. To add insult to injury, a nice scoop of butter was on top of the steak to add an even better flavor to a great steak. I believe it was a basil butter IIRC. This was probably overkill but hey, when in Rome....

Overall, at 39 this was not a cheap steak but the BYOB factor makes it more affordable and i would easily pay 39 for a great steak over paying 30 for a half arsed steak.

Mike and Nelly's also has a real strong ribeye. I have been there once as well and both of these places I need to get back to.

Anyway, let me here your spots and lets keep it ribeye specific...

Two on my list are the shipwreck and walter mihms.

Corvette Johnny, long live the Z06

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  1. I'd put Ivan & Andy's in Asbury Park on the list: I haven't had their ribeye (I believe they serve it bone-in, as the Cowboy Steak), but their dry-aged, prime meats are excellent. Some discussion can be found here:

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    1. re: MGZ

      Surprisngly I enjoyed a rib eye at Texas Roadhouse in Old Bridge last time there.

    2. I haven't been to La Cipollina in probably 15 years, and can't recall seeing a post on the place in a long time, if ever. If the steak was that good, I may need to pay a visit as ribeye is also my favorite cut (my favorite place, but not in Monmouth, is Old Homestead in AC).

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      1. re: jsfein

        JSfein, I would give it a shot. Again, I had a great steak but it needs to be replicated before I consider it the "real deal."

        Cke, care to elaborate?

        1. re: corvette johnny

          My one experience about a year ago was an overcooked, underflavored steak, unimpressive sides, unattentive service, and overpriced bill. Despite being a chain, I agree with Tapas52, Texas Roadhouse in Old Bridge is a much better choice.

      2. You can cross Walter Mihms off your list. Everything there is lousy and overpriced.

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        1. re: cke25

          Walter Mihms, sold recently (shortly thereafter Walter himself passed away, RIP) and is still a steakhouse but under a different name.

          Has anyone, or will anyone, take one for the team????

          1. re: jrvedivici

            Mihms is now run by the chef so I would think there wouldn't be much change.

            1. re: Eric in NJ

              While I had heard that, the APP wrote an article saying the new owners were either the old owners or managers of the Union House in Red Bank. The article didn't say anything about them having been the Chef and Hostess/Manager of Mihms. (His wife worked the floor). So I wasn't sure if what I had heard was wrong or if these people also had the Union House connection as well.

              1. re: Eric in NJ

                The former Walter Mihms Steakhouse on Rt 36 in Atlantic Highlands is now called Neal Michaels Steakhouse, and yes, run by the same chef as before.

                1. re: cke25

                  Does anyone know then if he made any substantial changes to the quality of the steaks they are serving. Mihms while not bad, was certainly not good or above average in my opinion.

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    Yet it was always packed on Saturday night from what I understand

          2. Forget about going back to Mike and Nelly's they have closed. Ivan and Andy I have had their porterhouse and it was good but overall I wouldn't hold much hope for a great rib eye. I have enjoyed the NY Strip and Porterhouse at The Colts Neck Inn. However they recently lost their liquor license and as such I haven't been back since, however I have heard from others the quality seems to be slipping lately cutting back on the quality to save on costs.

            1. While I didn't get a Rib Eye I remember seeing Walter Mihms mentioned in the thread so I figured this is where I would post a review for them since I dined there last night.

              I met a buddy there at we sat at the bar to eat. There were about 6/7 tables in the dining room and just one other guy at the bar. The name of the place is Walter Mihms Steakhouse.....but the place does NOT have a very Steakhouse feel to it. It looks more like an Italian Restaurant from the late 70’s or 80’s. The bar is formica the walls are a lightwood with area’s of exposed brick etc.

              Anyway the bartender was a friendly guy as all the employees seemed to be very nice it has a very family owned casual feel to it. We ordered a Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail and Fried Calamari. Let me tell you I LOVE Shrimp Cocktail and I have no BIGGER pet peeve than ordering a “JUMBO” shrimp cocktail then be served 26/30’s or worse. These shrimp were PERFECT……probably 12/14’s very large and cooked just right. Cocktail sauce was very good and they even had hot horseradish which I requested it to spice it up a bit. Excellent job on the jumbo shrimp cocktail!! The fried calamari was actually very good too….obviously fresh not frozen in a nicely the flour was nicely seasoned and the calamari were crisp and not too chewy. An odd assortment of legs vs. rings……I would say it was 60% legs and 40% rings which didn’t really bother me since I eat both. My only real compliant here is the marinara sauce seemed canned. Not bad by any means just nothing special about it but it sufficed for dipping.

              Next up was two house salads…..absolutely nothing special here…portion for was rather skimpy…barely covering the plate the homemade balsamic dressing is served on the side once you remover the dressing from the plate the plate is about half empty. The balsamic dressing supposedly home made was excellent.

              I ordered a NY Strip medium which came with mixed veggies and some roasted potato’s on the side. The steak was……..ok…certainly not a Prime Grade I would put it on the level of a Outback or something of that nature. Not bad but nothing exceptional about it either. The side of veggies were actually very good…..fresh made still a lil crisp and very tasty.

              My buddy ordered the Chillian Sea Bass which came encrusted in a garlic crust of some nature severed with the same side dishes as myself. I tried a piece of it and it was actually very good. I was surprised because it tasted much better than it looked. Lol While I’m not a big fish/seafood guy my friend said he thought it was frozen. I didn’t detect any frozen taste or or texture to suggest that on my sample but I’m just sharing what he said. Overall he was happy with his meal as well.

              No desert……

              All in all it wasn’t a bad meal but not one I would go back to a “Steak-house” for. Would I go back…..sure……would I go there as a destination again probably not.

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              1. re: jrvedivici

                wow, an informative and thorough review. I haven't seen one of those in a while!

                have you had the strip at copper canyon? That is a nice piece of meat.

                1. re: corvette johnny

                  Funny you mention that because I originally went to Mihm's on Monday only to find it was closed so I bounced over for a few cocktails to Harborside Grill then across the street to Copper Canyon. I thought Copper Canyon was more a Tex-Mex or Mexican restaurant I didn't look at the menu while there but that was the impression by the tortilla chips and extensive tequila's I saw. It was my first time stepping foot in there. I was surprised for a Monday night how busy they were though very nice crowd. The whole area actually surprised me I dont' spend much time in that area but the whole strip there had people walking around stopping in and out of the places there. Although I had been to the Harborside before a year or two ago I saw while I was there they have a new bar/lounge wasn't opened Monday but I was wondering what the story was with it. Anyone know?

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    Try the steak at copper. It is excellent! And yes, their salsa is great. The chips and salsa are good but the chips used to be ever better before they change their recipe.

                    If you are into tequilla then that is the spot. I over indulge with liquor too. A glass of Don Julio 1942 is a real treat. I highly recommend that fine anejo.

                  2. re: corvette johnny

                    Not to get off topic, but the lamb lolly pops at copper canyon are awesome. I am a sucker for lamb and can eat several orders of those.

                    Agreed long live the ZO6 and show some love to Jet Stream Blue.....oh wait wrong forum lol

                    1. re: angelo04

                      I love lamb chops as well but similar to a steak I only like good lamb chops. Looks like I'll be stopping back at the Canyon again soon!

                      1. re: jrvedivici

                        I was surprised to learn CC is open for lunch. Outside of chains, it seems rare to have lunch at a finer dining place in NJ After lunch, you can then head to the flakey tart for some goodies, that is our plan one of these upcoming weekends.

                        1. re: angelo04

                          Are you talking about the chops with the tropical salsa? If so, yes those charcoal grilled meat pops are tasty.

                          Do you have a jsb? Mine is jsb

                          The tuna carrpacio is great too. I am a huge fan of that place but the way i drink it gets pricey.

                          1. re: corvette johnny

                            I don't remember the tropical salsa. I only recall the deliciously charred lamb chops.

                            And yes mine is JSB, excellent taste we have.

                            1. re: angelo04

                              I was actually pleasently surprised recently during a visit to Park East....and establishment I will rarely eat at but if I do it's generally strictly sushi....however I decided to give their pistachio encrusted lamb chop appitizer a try. Luckily to my surprise it was delicious.....the appitizer was two double cut chops they were so good I ordered a 2nd order so all in all I had 4 double cut chops which would be a normal dinner order at $14. an order so for $28. I had an excellent lamb chop dinner. (It was served with some kind of rasberry sauce on the my opinion it didn't match up well with the chops so I just ignored it. I'm an old school mint jelly or just dijon mustard kind of guy).

                              Ok guys let me in on the code talk...what is a JSB?

                              1. re: jrvedivici

                                JSB is jet stream blue....arguably the best vette color on the planet ; )

                                In pics is looks ok but in person it is killer. It looks different shades of blue depending on the light and even wheels. I have competition gray wheels on mine and I swear it looks different next to a JSB with lighter wheels. I have some pics of mine at a show and my father in law even asked me what the "other color" vette was next to mine. (same exact JSB color.)

                                1. re: corvette johnny

                                  Well with all due respect to your JSB I do believe that the best color (not only because mine was this color) is the Canary Yellow for any Corvette. Yellow is a color that is hard for any car to pull off.....but for whatever reason Yellow is by FAR my favorite color for a Vette.