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Jul 2, 2012 05:47 PM

Need great food in Princeton, NJ

Going to be in Princeton the next few days. Need good food. Chinese would be great. Or great Italian. Anything as long as it's casual and terrific! Thanks.

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  1. My Princeton dining experience is limited to a burger and beer at Winberies. It was certainly casual, but I would need to try more than a burger to determine if it was terrific. I'd go back though.

    1. Try Witherspoons. Terrific American comfort food in a casual setting. No reservations, though. Mediterra is pretty good too.

      1. Princeton's best casual in town is Blue Point Grill for fish and seafood, byob.

        Italian in town include average at best Teresa's, Mediterra and La Mezzaluna. None terrific, but each can shine on the rare occasion when the stars and moon align!

        Winberies is a local version of a TGI Fridays. Beer's good and food's average.

        Princeton's best cuisine in the more upscale elements and fine dining at the Peacock Inn. Note for a more casual experience, one can dine in the very comfortable bar/lounge at the Peacock Inn.

        Nearby fav's (drive required) include One 53 in Rocky Hill (casual farm to table, bistro), Blue Bottle in Hopewell, Osteria Procaccini in Kingston (artisan pizza) and for some, Eno Terra in Kingston (Italian).

        There's many posts here for all the above. Hope you enjoy your visit.

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          Great list. I personally would recommend Nomad in Hopewell over Osteria Procaccini.