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Jul 2, 2012 05:40 PM

Portion Size at Tallulah on Thames???

I've read several posts saying people were too stuffed to eat their dessert when doing the 3 course prix fixe at Tallulah's. Having never been, but having eaten at my fair share of fine dining restaurants with foams and molecular gastronomy galore, only to leave starving, I'm a bit skeptical. Are you all really leaving Tallulah's stuffed? Thanks!

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  1. I have been there once its good and portions are fair size depending on your appetite. No molecular there not to my knowledge its hardly the place for that. foams are just about gone or replaced by espumas which at least have a flavor. Look at it like this in Newport you wont leave any restaurant with high prices stuffed.

    1. the food is great,are you worried your gonna eat to much?not enough?what are you looking for?

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        Would definitely like more than less. No food is worth leaving the restaurant still kind of hungry IMO.

        1. re: rackchicken

          In my experience you will leave very satisfied. The food is outstanding and the portions are balanced. This is not a chain restaurant that has to substitute gluttony for quality, and you end up taking home a pound of leftovers.

      2. I did not have the prix fix menu at Tallulah's but I felt the portions there were fine and the food was very good.

        1. We did restaurant week at Tallulah's last year and left very satisfied (even a bit full) after three courses. One of the best RW experiences I've had in RI.