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IPO Restaurant connects!

JenniG Jul 2, 2012 05:32 PM

I'm visiting Chicago and just arrived at the W Hotel City Center today. After spending a half hour reading reviews of restaurants online I ended up going downstairs to the IPO because nothing seemed exciting enough to get me back out into the heat.
GOOD NEWS, the IPO is an address you should remember for thoughtfully prepared and interesting dishes of excellent quality ingredients at extremely reasonable prices. I wouldn't change a thing - and I'm an experienced and picky foodie with international standards. I had a spring green salad for $7 dressed with the perfect amount of a balanced and not too salty vinigrette and garnished with feta, green greek olives sliced very thinly, and red halved grapes. I almost asked my waiter, Gregory, to hold the grapes thinking they might make the salad too sweet but everything was in balance. Delicious and refreshing! My small plate of Smoked Lamb Ribs had meat that was crispy and soft at the same time and came with spring vegetables (micro greens, baby carrots with the little green top, and baby patty pan squash), black barley risotto (I think I caught a taste of black sesame seeds so ask if you have an allergy) and a couple pools of black current sauce that tasted of berries not sugar. I'm happy now. Wish you were here!

Jennifer G.
Buffalo, NY