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Boston to VT

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I'm going to be driving from Boston to Burlington VT with my elderly father - anyone have a suggestion for a good stop for lunch? Something easy, simple, fresh and close to the highway.


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  1. I don't really have any good suggestions, (when I used make that drive I would usually pick up Subway and scoff it down in the car--not my proudest moments) The most populated area is probably White River Junction .. so probably something close to highway, but I don't know about something fresh. Once in VT there is very little available until you get Montpelier.

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      I stop at the Tip Top Cafe in White River Junction, right off of the highway. Check their hours, they close between lunch and dinner. Simon Pearce is nice, a bit off 89, but go view Quechee Gorge. Montpelier has several places. The Corner Cafe, the bakery connected to the culinary institute, and a crepe place that has wonderful poutine.

    2. Simon Pearce, in Quechee, VT, is a perfect place to stop. It's only about 10 minutes from Exit 1 off of I-89, and they serve an excellent lunch in a beautiful room. Only downside is that they do not take lunch reservations, and there often is a wait.


      1. I used to stop at Simon Pearce, which is very good. I believe it's right near the border of NH and Vt. Not too far from the highway either.


        1. Probably not what you are looking for, but I frequently make this drive and stop off at the Food Co-op in Lebanon, NH near Dartmouth College on Rt 120 (GPS address: 12 Centerra Parkway, Lebanon, NH 03766) - it is about 10 minutes from I-89 exit 18, but is BY FAR the freshest, tastiest meal around between their produce, local cheeses, bakery, many craft beers, and prepared foods options - we always end up spending way too long there shopping in addition to eating a meal like you seek.

          1. Simon Pearce is wonderful. Great Grandma (age 100) likes the Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, VT. It's not far off 89. If you're farther north on 89, we love the Red Hen Baking Company in Middlesex, just off Exit 9. It's primarily a bakery but there are tables and you can get sandwiches. Their bread is fabulous.

            1. Flying Goose Tavern. Exit 11 going north on 89. Good food, home brewed beer and it is more or less exactly half way between Boston and Burlington. Not always the quickest lunch service, however.

              1. If you like beer Montpelier is worth the stop, also really good crepes and poutine at the Skinny Pancake ( lawsons on tap).

                1. I posted this yesterday on the duplicate thread, and the moderator suggested I move it here...

                  How about lunch at Simon Pearce's restaurant in Quechee ? Just a couple of miles southwest from I-89 Ext 1 (US 4) on Quechee Main Street......


                  Obviously I don't know your father but I'd wager that he would likely enjoy it....and it is roughly halfway between Boston & Burlington assuming you're coming up I-93.

                  And don't forget to catch a glimpse of Quechee Gorge on your way between the restaurant and I-89 !


                  I see that others had suggested Simon Pearce too. That's a good sign.

                  Meanwhile, I had more time to think about it ---- and if you/your father prefer something a little more casual and a little less expensive, but definitely fresh & local, the the Bakery & Cafe' at King Arthur Flour would be a great choice as well......



                  in Norwich, just get off of I-91 north of White River Junction at Exit 13 and then a *very* short drive on US5 going south.

                  Let us know where you ended up eating !!!