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Jul 2, 2012 04:37 PM

Boston to VT

I'm going to be driving from Boston to Burlington VT with my elderly father - anyone have a suggestion for a good stop for lunch? Something easy, simple, fresh and close to the highway.


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  1. I don't really have any good suggestions, (when I used make that drive I would usually pick up Subway and scoff it down in the car--not my proudest moments) The most populated area is probably White River Junction .. so probably something close to highway, but I don't know about something fresh. Once in VT there is very little available until you get Montpelier.

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      I stop at the Tip Top Cafe in White River Junction, right off of the highway. Check their hours, they close between lunch and dinner. Simon Pearce is nice, a bit off 89, but go view Quechee Gorge. Montpelier has several places. The Corner Cafe, the bakery connected to the culinary institute, and a crepe place that has wonderful poutine.

    2. Simon Pearce, in Quechee, VT, is a perfect place to stop. It's only about 10 minutes from Exit 1 off of I-89, and they serve an excellent lunch in a beautiful room. Only downside is that they do not take lunch reservations, and there often is a wait.

      1. I used to stop at Simon Pearce, which is very good. I believe it's right near the border of NH and Vt. Not too far from the highway either.

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          1. Probably not what you are looking for, but I frequently make this drive and stop off at the Food Co-op in Lebanon, NH near Dartmouth College on Rt 120 (GPS address: 12 Centerra Parkway, Lebanon, NH 03766) - it is about 10 minutes from I-89 exit 18, but is BY FAR the freshest, tastiest meal around between their produce, local cheeses, bakery, many craft beers, and prepared foods options - we always end up spending way too long there shopping in addition to eating a meal like you seek.