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Jul 2, 2012 04:16 PM

Aguas Frescas for a party

Where can I buy Aguas Frescas for a party? So far I found it at Vallarta for $45 for the jar size and they sell half amounts as well.
Extra Points for locations close to Silver Lake / Eagle Rock. Bonus points if they have Watermelon.


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    1. re: Servorg

      thank you, I called them and they have the jar size at $30 and a bigger size for $50. Will definitely use them in the future, but I don't think they will be open tomorrow for 4th.

      also I called Cooks Tortas and they do a gallon size for about $20.

    2. Don't know if making your own is an option, but it is super easy! Just fruit, sugar and water in a blender. You can add herbs (mint, basil) or a little lime juice if you want. Chill and serve over ice. Watermelon and cantaloupe are delicious right now.

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      1. re: jdash

        thanks, that will be definitely be something I try in the future.

        1. re: LakerFan

          Chow has recipes for several agua frescas. I looked up the one for cantaloupe, because the one listed above doesn't mentioning straining the liquid. I kind of figured you needed to do that because the regular agua frescas I've had didn't have any solids in the drink. I would think a lot of hispanic food places might whip up a batch with advance notice. You might try phoning around, but I'd try places where I've had their agua frescas I liked before. I've had some agua frescas that weren't up to snuff.