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Jul 2, 2012 04:10 PM

Boothbay Harbor Area

Any suggestions for:

Good lobster pound?

Good "foodie" places (type of cuisine not terribly important)?

Good food shopping (the default appears to be Hannafords - which is fine)?

As usual, all suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Bev's Fish Fry comes to mind as a "foodie place", also the Downeast Ice Cream Factory. Lobsterman's Wharf or The Lobster Dock for lobster, or the famous "Red's" huge lobster roll is about 25 mins away in Wiscasset.

    Thistle Inn is a long-time favorite.

    (Best bet is probably to search "Boothbay" in the forum search above)

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      I think you probably meant Bet's Fish Fry, on Boothbay Common. Fish and chips or fried fish sandwich only, cash only, limited hours, drinks from a vending machine, picnic tables, just outstanding chow. Great place.

      The cafe at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens has fantastic salads and sandwiches at lunch -- salads have local produce and are plated extremely creatively, sandwiches have outstanding bread and excellent apparently homemade pickles on the side. Plus the gardens are a knockout.

      Hannafords is pretty limited -- you might be happier stopping at the Shaws on Route 1 at the southern end of Wiscasset. For a limited selection of very nice expensive specialty stuff go to Oak Street Provisions in Boothbay Harbor.

    2. Go to Phil's Lobster Rolls, trust me.