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Jul 2, 2012 03:46 PM

Update and Change to Saved Boards Dropdown

We have a modification to our navigation dropdown that we hope will help logged-in users. You will now see that when you have saved even one board, you will have a new tab on the navigation for "My Saved Boards." We did this in order to allow logged in users an unlimited amount of saved boards, and to make saved boards as easy as possible to find.

We're always looking to improve site functionality and balance the needs of all users (mobile as well as desktop, logged-in as well as non logged-in). That's our goal in every change you'll be seeing in the upcoming weeks and months (and you will be seeing more changes soon).

Thanks for being such loyal users and feeling so strongly about this site,


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  1. Okay. One of the few people here who was content with the previous change but is now unhappy with the correction. Just tried, twice, to add a board to My Saved Boards. Went to the board, clicked on that star thingie, and there's no indication that I've saved it to My Saved Boards. Am I going to have to reboot for it to show up?

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    1. re: JoanN

      Hi JoanN,

      Yes, you will need to refresh the page for your boards to show up currently. We're working to make the saved boards show up without a refresh in the near future, so you can look to that down the line.



      1. re: mudaba

        Nope. Not working here. Refreshed and the newly added saved board didn't show up. Closed out entirely and rebooted, and the newly added board still not showing up on My Saved Boards.

        1. re: JoanN

          Hi JoanN,

          I'm sorry to hear you're having this problem. Can you please let us know what OS you're on, what browser you are using, and what's the version number of your browser?


          1. re: Engineering

            Not working for me on FF 13.0.1 on Windows XP, FF 13.0.1. on OS X 10.7.4, or Safari 5.1.6 on OS X 10.7.4.

            1. re: JoanN

              FWIW, I switched to the "lowbrow" AOL 9.7 and the navigation works like a charm.

              1. re: HillJ

                Tried IE 7 version 7.0.5730.11 on the PC and that's not working for me either.

          2. re: JoanN

            Chrome 20.0.1132.47 m on XP and latest version Chrom on Windows 7. Same issue. Can not add boards.

          3. re: mudaba

            Question: I have the Home Cooking board saved on my profile but it is still listed under the Chowhound board tab in my viewing.

            Is the duplication of any boards already saved by a CH user necessary, ie: to remain under the Chowhound board tab?

        2. Better. Now my only complaints (and they're very minor) are that Home/Chowhound/Board is Tweet blue rather than User Name blue, and the star looks like a Pokemon. It's not a dignified star.

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          1. re: small h

            Everything seems to be working perfectly for me on FF 13.0.1 on Windows XP. I just saved this board to test... Site Talk shows in both the drop down menu and at my profile page.

            ETA: Sorry small h, I meant to reply to the OP.

            1. re: Gio

              Just tried it again with FF 13.0.1 on Windows XP and it's still not working for me. Do you have AdBlock Plus installed? Gotta run right now. Will try disabling ABP for when I get back and see if that works.

              1. re: JoanN

                I do have AdBlock Plus. installed.

          2. Thanks. Much appreciated.

            1. Currently unable to save boards either. Running Windows 7, and either FF 13.01 or Ie 9.08 64 bit edition. Am running adblocker on FF.

              1. The issue preventing users from saving or un-saving boards should now be resolved. Please clear your browser cache to ensure that you have the most up-to-date resources before trying again. Thank you all for your patience, and please let us know if the problem persists.

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                1. re: Engineering

                  Happy to report it works... and I have more than 9 boards saved. Many thanks.

                  1. re: Engineering

                    Yes, working on both the Mac and the PC. Thanks.