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Jul 2, 2012 03:42 PM

Biscoff Spread [moved from Pennsylvania board]

I discovered this yummy delicious spread at Market District Giant Eagle today. It was above the Nutella beside the peanut butter. I thought I could only order this in a Biscoff cookie catalog. My lucky find for the week.

Happy 4th of July everyone.

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  1. OMG! I bet I eat a jar of it every other week...just with a spoon! I get the Biscoff brand at WalMart in Robinson Twp. Better yet is "Cookie Butter" at Trader Joe's in the South Hills. Their own has little "crunchies" in it! Too die for!

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    1. re: vacationmomma

      WHAT? Biscoff brand at WalMarchay and Cookie Butter at TJ's?
      thanks for information.........

    2. Oh, dear. Maybe this is good news. Maybe not. I just found a local store that sells Biscoff cookies and we've already gone through two packets in as many weeks. It was much safer when these things were catalogue only...

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      1. re: khh1138

        Cost Plus World Market sometimes has both the spread and the cookies, too. Double danger.

      2. Haagen Dazs also has a "Spiced Caramel Biscuit" limited edition flavor that is just Biscoff-style cookie crumbles in a very subtle caramel ice cream. I've only seen it at Target so far.

        I just tried a pint because I love Biscoff (the spread moreso than the cookies), and while I wouldn't bother to buy it again, I'm glad I got to sample it.

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        1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

          I saw this at Top Foods in the Seattle area and tried it. I thought it was pretty tasty! I'd buy another pint if I see it down here in Oregon (current location).

        2. TJ's has their own version, also worthy of eating with a spoon!

          1. The label says it is bascally just brown sugar. Which makes me feel a little guilty, because this shit i good!