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Jul 2, 2012 03:39 PM

Lansdale Tavern

Was driving in beautiful downtown Lansdale today and noticed that Huey's is now Lansdale Tavern.
Is this a new development? Does this mean that come Halloween the haunted dining will not be offered? One way to note the changing of the seasons is by the decor inside and outside of Huey's.
I hope this will not be lost.

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  1. It will be lost, carbs, sorry to say
    I stopped posting about Huey's becuase we became such regulars that I felt that I was a little to "inside" and didn't want to shill for the place
    the previous owner (Linda) was selling off anything that wasn't nailed down prior to the change in ownership
    The new owner did some cosmetic renovations, put in new TV's and gave the place a cleaner look and feel
    So as far as I can tell, no more over the top seasonal decorations for the new Lansdale Tavern

    Honestly, before the change in ownership the food was inconsistent and we'd just stop in for a cocktail with our fave bartender to chat... with the new ownership the food getting better, they got good rolls again (means so much for a burger, it really does) they made some minor menu changes.
    They are now having happy hour specials, which the previous owner never did and the dinner specials seem to be stepping up a bit too

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      Oh thanks cgarner. Food is more important than decor. It is a shame that enthusiasm can be mistaken for shilling. Makes for a more cynical world.
      I remember when Smoke Daddy was having incredible specials every week I could not help but mention them and I'm glad I did. Someone did say something about me shilling and I was pretty hurt. Part of the problem was that another Daddy enthusiast who even took the trouble to take pics of his legendary bbq spam and cheesesteaks and such quit chowhound so my blissful posts stood out more somehow.
      I'm surprised that there aren't more comments about Tabora in Lansdale. I want them to stick around and would mention more about what John and I get every time we go but now I'm feeling shy about it.
      I'll give the Tavern a try before it gets too close to Halloween and drink a toast to the haunted dining that once was.

      1. re: givemecarbs

        Carbs .. Look forward to your post about Lansdale Tavern. Even working in West Point as long as I did, I never got there. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. And please remember this is a community that you have been a member of for some time. You shouldn't feel feel awkward about posting. We all can tell the difference between enthusiasm and spam! What have you had at Tabora you like?

        1. re: cwdonald

          Thanks cwdonald! I have been getting a medium mocha iced latte that is very rich and good. The secret might be in the chocolate syrup they use. Just incredible. I've been finding it convenient to grab a local tomato or two right now and other patrons seem to be availing themselves of this convenient one stop shopping as well.
          I've been tempted by the shephard's pie and chicken pot pie but it's been so hot and I seem to be always heading out somewhere else. I'm thinking about getting a peach pie with crumb topping soon. I've sampled their lavender ice cream which was good but I got the vanilla instead which was very well done.
          I'm addicted to their cherry rolls. They seem to have just the right amount of fruit to crunchy flakey pastry and the cherry filling is not overly sweet.
          John loves it that the coffee bar offers soy milk as an option. He is hooked on the gingerbread cookies, pepper and cheese savory roll and some sort of pasta salad with feta and garlic I think. He says it is perfectly balanced and was very put out when they didn't have any this past thursday. There \are still so many more things to try and they do have elephant ears and large cookies for only .99.
          The staff is still feeling that new opening buzz and great people warmly and make them feel welcome. If I were management I'd be thinking of a way to tap into the army of commuters I see walking from the train to the parking lot. I know the station has it's own little cafe but I'm not sure what their hours are.

    2. news for Lansdale Tavern: they got their liquor license modified so that they can serve drinks at the outside tables
      there aren't many tables out there but with the weather being so lovely lately it'll be a nice option to grab a burger and a beer if you're so inclined and sit outside and people watch on Main Street.