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Gemelli on Main figured it out

tfalbo Jul 2, 2012 01:38 PM

We were excited to see Gemelli coming in last year... until we saw the $20+ pastas and $30 entrees. I didn't see the place surviving in Manayunk at that price point (we are local), but we walked by last week to see prices adjusted to a much more neighborhood-relevant point, with pastas in the $10-15 range.

So we gave it a try this weekend. Food was quite good and prices were, as indicated, reasonable. We started with a caprese salad and a ceasar salad, and then got the gemelli w/veal bolognese and orecchiette with broccolli rabbe in pesto. We finished with the zeppoli for desert. Both pastas were quite nice and at a very fair price, and both salads were very good. They oven-dried the tomatoes in the capresese which were just gorgeous (even though we really could be in fresh tomato season by now). Be advised it is a $12-15 portion for the pastas, so if you have a big appetite the portions likely will not be completely satisfying (we added the salads and that filled us up quite well). Only partial miss were the zeppoli which were chewier than I'd have preferred.

Our server was outstanding, which is always makes the meal so much better, but the pace was leisurely to put it kindly.

I wouldn't necessarily say you'd want to travel from CC to visit Gemelli, but when you're in the neighborhood it's definitely worth a try.

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