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Jul 2, 2012 12:35 PM

Help! Need cute clam shack or otherwise quaint New England-y place near Newport vicinity for lunch.

My girlfriend's parents will be visiting Newport RI from out west, meeting my parents for the first time. I'm looking for a great, casual place with real local flavor to have lunch. Could be a short drive (or even boat trip? Block Island?) to a nearby town.

Something with a ocean view would be great, or anything thing that would contribute to a quintessential New England experience for these out-of-towners. A good Clam shack, or something on a farm, etc.

Chowhounders, I know you can do this!

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  1. Matunuck Oyster Bay comes to mind - I'm sure there are others.

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    1. re: harryharry

      That's Matunuck Oyster Bar and I highly second the recommendation. For that quintessential New England experience, sign up for one of Perry's tours of the oyster farm. Be prepared to wear waders.

      We've also had good meals at Evelyn's in Tiverton, but that was admittedly a few years ago. I'd be interested to hear some updates from fellow 'Hounders.

      If you want to keep with the New England summer theme, you've got to have some ice cream! Brickley's in Narragansett if you hit the Matunuck Oyster Bar, Gray's if you head to Tiverton.

      1. re: Bivalve88

        Second Matunuck Oyster Bar, Evelyns (although it's been 4-5 years for me) and especially Brickleys if on the west side. Avoid Aunt Carrie & Iggies. Champlins is a maybe, but avoid their fried clams, chowder & scallops (fine for steamers, lobster & mussels with excellent fried flounder as fish & chips). Haven't been in years, but Flo's is quite convenient to Newport.

        1. re: Clams047

          I went to Aunt Carrie's once and here's a sort of funny story for you... I liked the food. That's not the story though. What I ordered was a lobster roll and stuffed clams and both were good I'd go back for sure. BUT my kids and I saw on the menu that they had indian pudding for dessert. I've tried nearly everything dessertwise and was willing to try it and my kids who normally never try anything were intrigued - I think I noticed a topic about this type of dessert on Chowhound around the time ( last year) - so we all got indian pudding with high hopes. None of us liked it. I usually finish whatever I order and couldn't stomach it. Not a fan of the indian pudding there by any means. Not sure if I order it anywhere else either after that experience and to be fair it was probably our ignorance as we did not understand the taste would be that way (spices and such), BUT we liked everything else:) Very good lobster roll and very good stuffed clams.

          1. re: Nickmerill

            My problem with Aunt Carries (and Iggies) is that their clams, flounder, scallops, etc all appear to be frozen. Might as well be from the grocer's freezer section or ordered in KS.

            Can't comment on their lobster roll as I usually get my lobster roll fix in CT (hot) or at the Crow's Nest in Warwick (no ocean view).

        2. re: Bivalve88

          Go to Matunuck! But the Brickley's in Wakefield is closer and "cuter" than the Brickley's in Narragansett.