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Jul 2, 2012 11:29 AM

Looking for a vinegar slaw recipe

I want to mimic a slaw at a local bbq joint. (Hubba Hubba in Flat Rock , NC) They call it vinegar slaw, but it's not the typical boiled dressing slaw i'm accustomed to. It's fresher tasting...I tend to think it's just marinated. It's all quite sweet and has some cilantro in it. Does this ring any bells? I can just wing it, but I'd like to see a recipe if anyone has any ideas.

And...after I make that, I want a creamy slaw to serve on the same platter. But something with more color...maybe heavily carrot? Any ideas here appreciated. Happy 4th!

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  1. Have you ever tried the Cooks Ilustrated Best Recipe version? I haven't made it in years but remember really liking the vinegar. No cilantro, though.

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      that looks pretty close, actually...the sheen in the picture even. Interesting that the sugar is sprinkled on with the salt, not dissolved in the oil/vinegar. Thanks, you're quite the resource, chowser.

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        As I read your description, that recipe just popped into mind. It sounded just like it; and reminded me that I need to go back to making it regularly.

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          It was pretty good, and received compliments, but it wasn't what I was looking for. It was a fun experiment in how much moisture actually comes out of a head of cabbage when it sits w/ salt and sugar (a LOT!). But now that I've made it, I realize the slaw I'm after still has much more of it's moisture and crunch, and is sweeter and tarter.

          For the other salad, I chopped in small cubes (hey...i was off work and it was too hot to go outside after about 10am) 2 kinds of zucchini, green pepper, cukes, added cut off corn and quartered 3 types of cherry tomatoes. Added cooked wheatberries that had been tossed in a garlic/balsamic vinaigrette while warm...garnished w/ feta. It was good. After I started chopping all those fresh veggies I couldn't bear to put mayo on them.

          Thanks all!

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            Sorry it didn't turn out! That second salad sounds great, especially for this warm weather. I love a huge mixed vegetable salad but you're right about the chopping. And , I also prefer a vinaigrette to mayo. Right now I'm thinking of new potatoes and haricots verts w/ mustard vinaigrette since I have the ingredients but it might be too heavy.

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              Thanks. I often do a "summer succotash" that I originally found on Martha Stewart's site. They modified that site several years ago in keeping with Martha's new plan of having her magazine and everything else suck real bad. The search function is borderline unusable and what you do find is 10 different versions of the same recipe. Some apparently dumbed down for the "everyday food" publication.

              That is to say, i couldn't find a link for you. But basically, it was corn, tomatoes, soy beans, green beans, yellow wax beans. It had a mustard based vinaigrette but it really wasn't too heavy at all....I always start w/ half the vinaigrette /sauce any recipe calls for ....since you can't go back!

    2. Maybe cider or rice wine vinegar was used. They are both more refreshing and less sharp than white.

      1. No help here with a cilantro coleslaw, but I have a suggestion for a nice variation on creamy slaw. Here's a link to an old summer standby in our family, Bacon-Curry Cole Slaw. You could easily make it more colorful using half red cabbage if you wanted, and maybe add some grated carrot too. Very tasty hot weather dish, and seems like it'd be a good foil for your vinegary one...

        1. I make one that is simply shredded or chopped cabbage, 1" peices of cilantro(stem and all) some shredded carrot , finely sliced JalapeƱo or Serrano chili, Cider vinegar, brown sugar and S+P.
          No real measurements just all to taste. Oh, and no oil.

          1. I winged it with juice from a jar of hot spicy pickles from Costco that made an awesome dressing. Add sugar. This is where Miracle Whip may be a better choice than Hellmans.