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Jul 2, 2012 10:43 AM

Montreal/Quebec City for Vegetarians

Hello There-

Visiting Montreal this week with my partner and his mother. We are a unique group..(1 veggie, 1 fish eating veggie, and one non-adventurous eater.)

We are staying at the Sofitel downtown and willing to explore neighborhoods. We would like to pay $18-$30 for the entree. Anything fun and delicious you would recommend? We also don't like really noisy places.

In QC, we are staying for two nights and will be in lower town.


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  1. what kind of food do you want....there is Ghandi resto in Old Montreal. Also Lebanese restos might be of interest already listed on board.

    1. In Quebec city, my favorite vegetarian restaurant is a bit far from lower town, but really worth it : Resto Zen, on Rene-Levesque (

      For something more casual, my vegetarian friends love the vegetarian choices of (high end) burgers at chez Victor, on St-Paul street between the old port market and the train station : (Their meat burgers are also very delicious).

      I think you could also find nice vegetarian meals in most interesting restaurants of basse ville, although options might be limited.

      1. Wonderful!!! Thank you, we don't have to always go to a vegetarian place..just somewhere we can all find something wonderful.

        Partner's mother doesn't like ethnic food that much! So Indian/Lebanese is out of the question.


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          Salle a Manger on Mont Royal has a number of vegetarian options, extremely good.

        2. Hello Chadradchad!

          Au Commensal ( there is a few sprinkled around) is your run of the mill, standard vegetarian buffet. Nothing fancy, nothing foody but it is a vegetarian buffet which is commendable in itself. I go there myself pretty regularly but its not a destination restaurant (I'm not a vegetarian myself but enjoy eating veg once in a while).

          Lola Rosa ( is a small vegetarian downtown café I absolutely love. Its this small, tucked in restaurant you have to know that has been silently doing good business.

          Pushap's ( is really far away from downtown, not on your way and nowhere near anything interesting to visit but its a vegetarian indian place famous for their Thali. They are of the Jain religion I believe so no beef or onions in their curries. The place looks really divey (I'd don't think we'd want to look into their kitchen) but they produce the best vegetarian curries I know. Very cheap too (7$ for a meal).

          Aux Vivres ( is this hipster, trendy vegetarian/vegan café that produces fresh food straight in the Plateau Mont-Royal. Very fresh products, great salads and sandwitches. I secretly love their breakfast option with faux/playfull bacon and tofu scrambled eggs. I always take their Mango Lassi also.

          On my list to try, never did: Crudescence ("living food" specialists), Yuan vegetarien.

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          1. re: CaptCrunch

            I second Le Commensal, which has several branches. It has two buffets, one hot and one cold, then they weigh your plate and charge by weight. Their cold buffet is in fact a really, really good salad bar. I make a beeline whenever I'm in Montreal and I'm not even a vegetarian. Le Commensal has a website, for more detail.

            1. re: Querencia

              LOL I've never heard of anyone liking Commensal that much. I would never recommend it to a visitor.

              1. re: catroast

                Whoa, whoa, hold it on Le Commensal and Losa Rosa!
                The province of Quebec is definitely not a vegetarian-friendly destination but we don't need to get desperate now. ;)
                I do recommend Aux Vivres, a really great vegetarian restaurant though, and it's nothing fancy and they don't do reservations, but I definitely tells all visiting vegetarians to check it out.

                I think the best places for you would be to go to restaurants that are vegetarian-friendly, which is a minority in the city. I'd say for a nice dinner out, go to La Salle a Manger, Le Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins, and Au Cinquieme Peche.

                For brunch, go to Le Cartet for a refined brunch experience, or Olive et Gourmando if you don't mind a bit of a wait and smaller seating spaces (they also make great lunch sandwiches). Mind you, Olive et Gourmando is not open on Sundays.

                For lunch, go to Le Paryse for burgers and poutine, Patati Patata for super cheap fast food (warning: super small space), Comptoir 21 for fish and chips, with veg burger options, and Vasco de Gama for Illy coffee and sandwiches.

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                1. re: looosia

                  just wondering what are the veg menu items at Le Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins? i looked on their menu recently for dinner and it didn't look too veg friendly..? they only had salad and pasta for vegetarians, which is very unexciting for most vegetarians..

                  1. re: helenhelen

                    What I recommend for any restaurant that is not usually veg-friendly is a polite email asking if the restaurant can accomodate your diet. Sometimes this will lead to something inventive and yummy, and sadly, sometimes not. But there's no harm in politely asking well before you show up at a restaurant you might be interested in. Just don't do it once you're seated.

                    Quebec isn't very veg-friendly all around, but there are people working all the time to change that. That way everyone gets something they want to eat!

                    1. re: Peaches to Poutine

                      i would also suggest when asking about accommodations, to find out what they plan to make. i did this once at an expensive restaurant and they assured me they would whip me up something amazing. what they ended up making was basically sauteed rapini with mushrooms or something like that.. basically, something i could make at home. not worth the cost at all.

                      1. re: helenhelen

                        I had something similar happen to me when I ate out at a restaurant in Greenville, SC. My husband and I got grilled veg over quinoa. They charged us $20 a head for it. We were very unhappy, to say the least!

                        1. re: Peaches to Poutine

                          for a more expensive restaurant where the chef is presumably trained and creative about food, this is pure laziness, in my opinion! i'd rather they tell me they cannot make something vegetarian if they plan to just toss something easy and boring together.

                          1. re: helenhelen

                            Agreed. It's disappointing when you read a creative omni menu but your dietary request (made well ahead of time, mind) is something dull.

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