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Jul 2, 2012 10:35 AM

Brand of humane grain-fed (preferably non-gmo at least) dairy products where cows are not fed soy! not 100% grass-fed either please

Hello good morning I am looking for either an organic or non-gmo brand of humanely raised dairy to start buying, however I am not a fan of the 100% grass-fed dairy! I am looking for corn and grain fed dairy, however I am avoiding any dairy where the cows were fed soy, flax, alfalfa, or sunflower!

Please let me know it is near impossible and i feel it might be not out there at all since soy is such a common feed nowadays! Thank you for your time, have a good day

The only brands I know of are:
Organic Valley Grassmilk
Organic Pastures raw milk

both are grass fed unfortunately, organic pastures is corn fed as well so maybe that will work for me

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  1. I think you'll have better luck either calling the groceries or contacting the producers directly than asking here since we don't know what brands are available in your area (and those available brands vary so widely regionally) Why not make a list of the organic milk available in your local stores and contact those producers to ask what feed they use? Or sometimes the information is available on their website; I know that's true of a couple of small dairies/creameries that distribute at my local Whole Foods.

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      1. Call your state's Ag Extension Office.
        If your state has colleges with Ag programs, call them too.
        Talk to the manager of your most-local grocery about farms and sources.

        Also, look here:


        I know you don't prefer Only Grass Fed, but this will give you a jumping-off point.

        1. Are you for real? Dairy cows are not fed corn as they cannot digest it. The only purpose of corn feeding is to fatten for slaughter. Why are you so against grass fed dairy? You will have a hard time finding "humane" dairy that fits your requirements and I have a hard time believing you can taste the difference.

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            "Dairy cows are not fed corn as they cannot digest it"

            That is absolutely not true.

          2. Where are you in the world? Might help with some suggestions...:)

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              I am in southern California but would be willing to contact a farm ANYWHERE and have them ship it to me!

              the only solution i have for now is Organic Pastures raw milk, which, surprisingly to most people, since it's advertised as such, and now even just saying this makes me want to RUN and not support them, however they feed organic corn and grass so at least there is SOME grain in there . . .

              stremicks hertiage i am contacting so we will see about them . . .

              1. re: certifiedhumane

                Well I live in the UK and I very much doubt you will be allowed to receive milk shipped from here. Needless to say, there is plenty we could send if we could!

                (...and that this is not just an American messageboard!)

                1. re: pj26

                  hey no no no go ahead and tell me some brands would you? i am specifically looking for HUMANE farms though, no UK big market typical factory farm companies!

                  could you please give me some information and i will contact whoever i need to contact? i looked up if it's legal to have food shipped to USA i believe it is, i would like to at least try it or learn more if it's legal..

                  please do get back to me, again though please only recommend "the best" brands, and by that i mean an organic, humane small family farm (it can be a larger corporation as long as it's not factory farmed) . . thank you so much maybe you are my savior ?!?!??

                  1. re: certifiedhumane

                    You could start by looking here

                    I've also bought this in the past (they delivery)

                    While I know it's legal to ship food to the US, I know you guys have strict rules about pasteurisation etc (in fact I think it may be illegal to have unpasteurised dairy in some places?) so make sure you do check it out. Surely there are similar organisations to the one I have sent above over there?

                    1. re: pj26

                      wow man thank you!
                      actually you know what i thought i mentioned in my post above, i actually prefer pasteurization, well i prefer MY pasteurization. i love the taste when i throw some raw milk on lowest it can go, and let it boil for 30 minutes-1 hour best tasting milk ever!

                      i can always cook the raw milk, but i might have to go with pasteurized to get it across country lines, which is fine with me :) thanks again have a good morning

                        1. re: pj26

                          yes thank you! sorry though i meant to ask can you recommend a non-raw variety? thanks