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Oysters in Montreal

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I tried to do some searching but couldn't find a thread.

Where are your favorite places for Oysters in Montreal?

Places that specialize in them?

Thank you.

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  1. aqua mare at JTM has a nice oyster stall

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      Nice tip. Thanks.

      What about restaurants?

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        I should add that their oyster counter has seating. They charge $2.25/oyster and have deals on a dozen and up. They also have "buck-a-shuck" oysters on occasion.

    2. I'm not really an aficionado, but i enjoy oysters once in a while. I've had them at Maestro SVP, Liverpool House/ Joe Beef, Icehouse, Le Filet, and Pizzeria Magpie, and have also seem them at Greasy Spoon. I imagine Garde Manger & the Bremner would do them too. These places vary a lot in fancy-ness, overall quality & atmosphere...as for places that really specialize in oysters, I would say Maestro. I'm sure there was a thread about oysters fairly recently; not sure why it's not coming up.

        1. I like to buy my own, and usually head for La Mer for my oysterish cravings...

          1. How about Marche 27 on Prince Arthur W.They always have 3 or 4 good choices.

            1. maestro svp def has the biggest selection (pacific too) at any given time.. just don't order any of the dishes as they are not very good/overpriced imo. the oysters there are also quite expensive.

              in terms of oyster happy hours, lawrence does a 1$ oyster 5-7 on some days and i'm assuming when cartel re-opens in mile end they will have the same 1$ oysters 5$ bubbly night going.

              i've had bad experiences with dead/rotten oysters at la mer so i no longer give them my business. i usually go to falero (although they never stock pacific oysters) and daniel notkin/old port fishing co for oysters by the case or more.