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Breakfast tacos?

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After swinging by Taco Mesa in Orange County a few months back, my wife has been regularly asking me to take her out for "breakfast tacos". I know plenty of places for chilaquiles or Mexican places serving breakfast, but I'm coming up empty on a breakfast taco in San Diego. Anyone know a place doing something like this here? Or, alternately, where is your favorite Mexican style breakfast?

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  1. This came to mind when I read your request.


    1. Not the same as a taco, but the Buenas Dias Burrito (bacon, egg, cheese, potatoes, and salsa) at our two local MXNs (the old Santana's) is a pretty good breakfast sandwich.

      1. Snooze. http://www.snoozeeatery.com/

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          Sweet. That looks like a keeper. Thanks.