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Jul 2, 2012 07:55 AM

Peruvian in Jamesburg: Don Pepe

This place opened a few months ago, and we visited for lunch yesterday.

We had: Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken, Yuca Frita con Huancaina, and a Pork Tamale.

We were there around 11:30AM, and the Chicken was just coming off the Rotisserie, and it was juicy and flavorful. The tamale was outstanding. We're big fans of Huancaina sauce (an Aji Amarillo Pepper & Cheese sauce), and the version they served on the Yuca Frita was good, but not great.

We also picked up a couple of excellent homemade Alfajores (a shortbread / dulce de leche sandwich cookie).

The menu is pretty extensive (it even includes Cuy - Guinea Pig!) and we're looking forward to going back to try more items.

Interestingly, right down the street in the former Maria's Mexican restaurant is another newish Peruvian place, which we haven't tried yet.

Don Pepe Restaurant
200 Buckelew Ave.
Jamesburg NJ
(In the Dunkin' Donuts Plaza)

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  1. Stumbled upon this place last night.
    I have no knowledge of what Peruvian food is, it was around 7:30pm, I have two small kids and don't want to give them fast food. Wife found this place on her phone, she just told me the place got rotisserie chicken for the kids, so off we go.
    We had a whole chicken and a grilled pork chop served with rice and salad.
    Chicken was hot and juicy and not overcooked to the soft and soggy mess like Boston Market. The pork chop rice has two big pieces of pork and a generous serving of rice and salad.
    The pork chop was good not great but I like their rice a lot.
    Looks like they are doing decent business, people keep coming in and out throughout the hour we were there.
    The total for the two things we ordered plus 2 bottle waters was around $23 (pre-tip) and we took home a leftover quarter of chicken and a pork chop.

    Definitely considering coming back and may be do take out sometime in the near future.

    1. I also stumbled on this place Sunday. Small hard to find in the corner of Strip mall. Was around 730 on a sunday night ...busy enough to know the kitchen was turning over food but not so busy we were not seated immediately.

      Very Large portions ..reasonably priced . Had whole Roto chicken with rice and beans ..I think 13$ enough for 2 meals.
      Daughters had a pork dish with green rice and a ceviche dish with rice and beans. Again 13-14 $ range and enough for 2.
      Its a local joint for locals.. big portions, reasonably priced ...
      If your in the area and very hungry I feel its worth exploring the large menu for something that catches your eye..
      Not sure if I will travel for it though... but as of now it will be my go to place in Jamesburg/Monroe area for a Quick/Large meal....