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Jul 2, 2012 07:44 AM

Cape Cod food and cooking shops?

Any food or cooking shops up on the Cape that I should not miss? I think I remember a shop on ^A somewhere called The Mustard Seed but don't have a recollection as to where it was. Thanks, Richie

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  1. Not sure what exactly you are looking for, but here are a few of the better shops in the upper and mid Cape area....

    The Brown Jug - Sandwich center
    Momo's Food Emporium- 6A Sandwich
    Northside Fine Foods - Dennis Village
    The Cook Shop - 6A Brewster

    Can't say any are "must sees", but they are all good in their own right. There are others farther down cape or in Mashpee/Falmouth I'm sure.

    1. Bean & Cod on Main Street in Falmouth has a nice selection of gourmet ingredients..jams, dried pastas, condiments, etc. They also have a nice selection of cheeses, some meats, and refrigerated goods. Slice of Italy, also in downtown Falmouth has a great selection of Italian groceries, some of which arrive from the North End daily.

      1. Thank you. Lemon TreeThe Cook Shop was the place on 6A is the place I was thinking!!

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          I recommend Northside Fine Foods in Dennis Village.

          Not on 6A but worthy of a check in is Gustare Oils and Vinegar in Chatham

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            Good one! Gustare also has a location in Mashpee Commons.

            There is also a fresh pasta and cheese shop behind the old Barnstable Store on Rte. 149 in W. Barnstable. Her house made buratta is heavenly.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              CCG, is she the same one who visits a lot of the Farmer's Markets? I can't remember the name, but I bought some buratta a couple weeks ago at the Farmer's Market in Falmouth and is was divine. I believe Gustare may be on the Farmer's Market circuit as may be in javaandjazz's interest to visit one of those to get a mix of what's available (the Rye bread at the Falmouth Market is highly recommended as well!)

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                lay them on me! I throw all your suggestions into the GPS and we stop if we are near any of your recs!

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                  Yes, I believe she participates in many of the farmer's markets locally. I've had the rye bread, too, and forget the vendor's name as well.....wonderful.

                  Most every town has a farmer's market and it's good advice to visit one (or more) while vacationing. Here's a great site for buying local which includes a farmer's market calendar.


                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        Fromage a Trois is at the Chatham Farmer's Market.

                        1. re: phelana

                          Yes, and also at the farmer's markets in Sandwich, Osterville, Falmouth. and Ptown

          2. If you find yourself on the Outer Cape, don't miss The Atlantic Spice Company in Truro. All of our houseguests request a pilgrimage there whenever they come to visit.

            1. Thanks you all, we made it to Atlantic Spice and The Cook Shop! Had a rushed but nice time. I will post my restaurant reviews later on. Richie