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Cape Cod food and cooking shops?

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Any food or cooking shops up on the Cape that I should not miss? I think I remember a shop on ^A somewhere called The Mustard Seed but don't have a recollection as to where it was. Thanks, Richie

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  1. Not sure what exactly you are looking for, but here are a few of the better shops in the upper and mid Cape area....

    The Brown Jug - Sandwich center
    Momo's Food Emporium- 6A Sandwich
    Northside Fine Foods - Dennis Village
    The Cook Shop - 6A Brewster

    Can't say any are "must sees", but they are all good in their own right. There are others farther down cape or in Mashpee/Falmouth I'm sure.

    1. Bean & Cod on Main Street in Falmouth has a nice selection of gourmet ingredients..jams, dried pastas, condiments, etc. They also have a nice selection of cheeses, some meats, and refrigerated goods. Slice of Italy, also in downtown Falmouth has a great selection of Italian groceries, some of which arrive from the North End daily.

      1. Thank you. Lemon TreeThe Cook Shop was the place on 6A is the place I was thinking!!

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          I recommend Northside Fine Foods in Dennis Village.


          Not on 6A but worthy of a check in is Gustare Oils and Vinegar in Chatham


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            Good one! Gustare also has a location in Mashpee Commons.

            There is also a fresh pasta and cheese shop behind the old Barnstable Store on Rte. 149 in W. Barnstable. Her house made buratta is heavenly.

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              CCG, is she the same one who visits a lot of the Farmer's Markets? I can't remember the name, but I bought some buratta a couple weeks ago at the Farmer's Market in Falmouth and is was divine. I believe Gustare may be on the Farmer's Market circuit as well...it may be in javaandjazz's interest to visit one of those to get a mix of what's available (the Rye bread at the Falmouth Market is highly recommended as well!)

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                lay them on me! I throw all your suggestions into the GPS and we stop if we are near any of your recs!

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                  Yes, I believe she participates in many of the farmer's markets locally. I've had the rye bread, too, and forget the vendor's name as well.....wonderful.

                  Most every town has a farmer's market and it's good advice to visit one (or more) while vacationing. Here's a great site for buying local which includes a farmer's market calendar.


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                    fromage a trois. I think

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                      Yes! That's it.

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                        Fromage a Trois is at the Chatham Farmer's Market.

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                          Yes, and also at the farmer's markets in Sandwich, Osterville, Falmouth. and Ptown

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                            And Orleans

          2. If you find yourself on the Outer Cape, don't miss The Atlantic Spice Company in Truro. All of our houseguests request a pilgrimage there whenever they come to visit.

            1. Thanks you all, we made it to Atlantic Spice and The Cook Shop! Had a rushed but nice time. I will post my restaurant reviews later on. Richie