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Jul 2, 2012 07:23 AM

lunch near 16 street and 5th ave

A small group wants a lunch where we can talk and not too expensive.

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  1. Alison Eighteen would be perfect. The restaurant is on 18th St. between 5th and 6th Ave.

    1. Tocqueville is on 15th, just east of 5th. The food is superb, and the $29 3-course lunch prix-fixe is a steal for cuisine of such high caliber. There's also a wine pairing for $15. Service is attentive, and the dining room is one of the most beautiful in the city. It isn't very busy during lunch, so it's very quiet, i.e., conversation friendlly (not that it's noisy even when the dining room is full during dinner).

      While I liked Alison Eighteen, the food is not as good as Tocqueville's and, when it's busy, it can be a bit noisy.

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      1. Laut on 17th St between 5th and broadway.

        1. The Rubin Museum- great food and very easy to have a conversation. Love this place. 17th btwn 6th and 7th.

          1. Markt has lots of choices and not expensive at all.(about 6 blocks from 16th and 5th), BLT fish not expensive and right near there,,, Chat n Chew is right on 16th and that's what you want to do is Chat and Chew