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Jul 2, 2012 07:21 AM

On a budget in Avignon...

Bonjour French Chowhounders!

My friend and I are coming to Avignon next week. We both love food but have very little money... any suggestions for how to experience all that awesome French goodness without going broke? Street food, market food, cheap-ish bistros?

(um, and please don't flag me, but if anyone knows someone with spare floor or couch space for two extremely nice girls on any night between July 10th-15th or thereabouts, you'd have my eternal gratitude, plus a giant bag of delicious food souvenirs from Berlin.)

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  1. The market of Avignon. You can look up the days and times on the internet.

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      Yeah, I read about Les Halles, super excited to check it out. But are there any can't-miss stalls/good deals I should be especially aware of?

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        There's an outdoor market somewhere in Avignon every day (except Monday)
        Les Halles is an indoor market (see ), and although the food there all looks fabulous (and usually is), the street market vendors frequently grow/make their own stuff (i.e. no middleman). Less overhead/lower "rent" = lower prices. I've never done an actual cost comparison, nor can I suggest a particular vendor or stall - this is just my unprofessional analysis. My only warning for choosing market vendors : if he/she sells bananas or pineapples, move on to another stall. He/she is surely getting his/her stuff from a central depot, not much different than a supermarket. Unless, of course, you want to buy bananas.

    2. Ginette and Marcel
      25 Place Corps Saints

      Adorable bistro, featuring sandwiches, salads, and good desserts at under 4 euros. Very popular spot with locals when they don’t want to pay a lot but they do want a nice bite to eat. Great place if you are touring Avignon, and want to to stop for a lunch break or snack. Terrace.

      The Place des Corps Saints has some other small food stands and reasonably priced restaurants.

      Au Tout Petit
      4, rue Amphoux (not far from Place Pie and Les Halles market)
      04 90 82 38 86
      11 Euro 2 course lunch menu

      Tucked into a tiny side streetjust past the Halles and Place Pie, ”Au Tout Petit” is “very small”—just 12 tables seating 24 people fit into the space. (Was enlarged in 2011 so it now serves more people.) Best to reserve, even if the spot is a little out of the way. Delicious.

      1. I second Ginette and Marcel. The tartines are wonderful, especially the Fourme d'Ambert with prune-apricot paste. They sell wines by the carafe (like most places in the region) that are both delicious and reasonably priced.

        The terrace is lovely. It's large, with lots of tables and great people watching.

        Nearby, I also liked L'Epice and Love. The couple that runs the restaurant is very friendly and will talk to you about your preferences and bring out wonderful food. The tables near the back, with the couches and cushions, were very cozy and casual.

        I'd gone to L'Epice and Love for dinner, to find they were closed. Ginette and Marcel was nearby, so I ate there instead and was very pleased. (I went to L'Epice the next day.)