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Jul 2, 2012 07:20 AM

Any new BBQ in NYC worth mentioning?

I feel like I have not tried a new BBQ joint in NYC in a very long time. I have done all the old standards a few times over. Any ideas would be great.

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  1. Have you tried John Brown's Smokehouse in Astoria/LIC? I think it's excellent, particularly the burnt ends. But I'm a sucker for burnt ends.

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    1. re: kurtt

      unfortunately, John Brown is temporary closed at the moment, they are moving into a new space to expand/do the whole beer garden thing.

      Most of the new BBQ places are popping up in the Outer boroughs

    2. Sign up for the Brisketlab mailing list. It's a popup BBQ project. He's sold out for the summer but maybe he will have more availability in the fall.