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Best Steak Restaurants in the city ?

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Anyone want to weigh in on the BEST steak restaurants in Chicago...not chains like Mortons or Smith and Wollensky, etc ? IF money was NO object and you were taking people from out of town.....where would you go ? I have been to most...my out of towners have not !!

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  1. David Burke's Primehouse or Chicago Cut

      1. Try Carmichaels on Monroe (1052 W) in the west loop, under $40 for a great steak.

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          Agreed that chicago cut is my current favorite, but I enjoyed benny's recently as well.
          Gibsons is still the best scene (even though I like the overall package at chicago cut better) and on a nice day the triangle area beats both cut and benny's.

        2. Can someone please point joni88 to the hundred post thread where we discussed this to death?