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Jul 2, 2012 07:08 AM

8 weeks of restaurants

So for the next 8 weeks, my kids are at camp, I'm off work (yup, I'm a teacher) and ready to get back into the restaurant scene. Last I head, Barque is good (was at the friends & family tasting night before it opened), Pizza Liberetto on Danforth takes reservation, and La Societe is great for mussels and people watching. What else do I should I experience before waking up from this summer dream and returning to my real life?

Here are my hates and loves:

Hate sushi (ducking the sushi you're throwing at me right now)
Hate lining up for food (read: restaurants that are super-crowded with long wait times that don't take rezzies. Makes me feel like Oliver in the play, Oliver)
Hate paying too much (I'm a teacher, remember?)
Hate offal…just couldn't get into it, try as I did.

Love meat and veggies; total omnivore
Love being a locavore & "Canadian" cuisine. Yes, I think we do have a cuisine, but I'll save that for another day
Love finding new, cool places. Don't mind driving as long as it is in the 416 and NEAR 905.
Love meals besides dinner-feel free to toss in your favorite brunch, lunch, and bakery joints.
Love makin' my own stuff; any new foodie shops in the

Ok. That's it. Now….go!

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  1. foxley. union, yours truly, enoteca sociale, aria, khao san road (though there is a line up), Buca, campognolo(may be a lil pricier than others listed),acadia, woodlot, corner house, marben, ici bistro is AMAZING(lil pricier though than others listed), grand electric is awesome (crazy line ups), queen margherita pizza
    summerlicious will be on soon so u can try colborne lane at a good price, you could also reserve nota bene on diningdate night 30% off your meal( I'm not the biggest fan but a lot of people are).

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        No, they don't. They stopped earlier in the year due to the overwhelming number of no shows.