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Jul 2, 2012 06:59 AM

Fine Dining in Bar Harbor, like Portland

Heading from Portland (Maine) to Bar Harbor for vacation at the end of the month (July). Been several times and can't seem to find the upscale restaurants we've come to expect dining here in Portland. We are spoiled, haha. I'm talking on the same level as: 555, Fore Street and Street & Co, Hugos, Vignola and Cinque Terre, Boda, Sea Glass and my new favorite place: Petite Jacqueline. What are comparable places to have a nice meal with great service in/around Bar Harbor? Where does Martha Stewart go?! Haha. I'm not seeing many options on Open Table or other food directories with reviews, other than Havana, whose sister location closed too soon in Portland. Is Havana the only upscale place to eat in Bar Harbor? Thanks, L

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  1. Try Mache Bistro in BH. If you drive over to NE Harbor - check out The Docksider Cafe. Certainly not fine dining - but excellent lobster rolls, stews, chowders, and fried clams. Nice local beer selection and made in house root beer.

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      Ditto on Mache Bistro: really excellent, although by no means in the Fore St / Hugo's category.

    2. Coming from nyc area, i enjoyed the casual atmosphere in the finer restraunts in bar habor. As most restraunts accomodate to the casual vacationer. With that said, i can't complain about any of our dinner choices, as all were charming without being pretentious and delicious. We commonly dine in NYC and found the meals to be exceptionally delicious with local organic produce highlighted on many of the menus. We ate at the following places ( for dinner):
      -michelles (ceasar salad made at table, chateaubriand)
      -mache bistro- delicious, but no air conditioning ruined meal!
      - mckays- been a decent, reasonable standby of ours for years.
      -Cafe this way- slightly eclectic menu never disappoints.
      -Havava- was as good as i remembered it!
      -burning tree- was also quite good, but outside of town a bit.

      Michelle's was probably the "fanciest" should you want to get dressed up one night.
      Have fun and let us know what you decide on!

      Also, don't miss Thurston's lobster House if you go to he k out Bass harbor light!! Best lobster roll i've had to date!