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Jul 2, 2012 06:36 AM

Seafood near Long Branch

will be in Long Branch at 7 President's this week and looking to have some seafood afterwards. MOre the clam shack experience then the fancy restaurant experience. The other point is that we will be driving back to the New Brunswick area so it doesn't have to be right in Long Branch but can be somewhere (generally) in between Long Branch and New Brunswick.

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  1. Drive up 36 (Ocean 'Ave) to get on the parkway at 117.... take a detour in Keyport to the keyport fishery. Take out only (we eat in our car across the street at the marina). Mostly fried offerings, much heralded on this board, the shrimp cocktail is prepackaged for you to enjoy while you wait for the rest of your food. Delish!

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      Keyport Fishery is probably your best bet based on what you're looking for (clam shack). Food's always been pretty good there. When you exit off of GSP at #117, the road splits (one way to Rte. 36 and one to Rte. 35). I forget which of the state highways take you to Keyport as it can get a bit confusing as you 'ramp up to speed after the toll plaza' - Just have Keyport on the brain as you enter this area - it can get a bit dicey at that point of veering right or veering left at that road split. Enjoy.

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        When you come off the GSP at Exit 117, go through the tolls, take the right lane ramp to Rt 35 SOUTH; merge into Rt 35 S, go over to the left lane at once, watch for the "U-turn" on the left for Rt 35 NORTH (it doesn't actually say "U-turn"); take the turnoff for Rt 35N, merge into Rt 35 N and proceed on Rt 35 N; go on past the general point where you had come off the GSP/toll gates; watch for the "Town and Country Inn" and the turn-off on the right just before it which is marked as the turnoff for "Keyport" [about a 1/2 mile after the "U-turn")(there is also a flyover/overpass in the background beyond the T&C Inn); take this turnoff onto Broadway; go almost to the end of Broadway and turn RIGHT at the lights onto W Front St; go on a little bit and cross a creek, Keyport Fishery is just beyond that on the right.

        However, my friend and I (and at least one other) have not had great experiences at this place in the past.

    2. Several good seafood joints on the way home from Seven Presidents off Hwy 36 heading north toward GSP exit 117 ranging from bikini casual to khaki casual:

      1. Nikos Greek Taverna a block west of 7 Presidents has a lot of really good, fresh seafood. Not at all a clam shack tho (but then again Charleys, Woody's, Sallee Tee's and Windansea aren't either).

        Headed south, Mr Shrimp in Belmar is likely the closest clam shacky place other than Keyport Fishery, but would be taking you in the wrong direction...

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          Bahrs is at the base of the highlands bridge on route 36 might be a choice. I haven't been there in ages and I don't recall the food being anything special. However, if fried seafood is what you are after, I know they serve a lot of fried items. Also, you can sit on the top deck and get some nice photos with the bridge and/or ocean in the background (kind of a toursity place but that seems like it could be what you want.) Again, I am not vouching for food since I haven't been in many years, just the atmosphere and location.

          This place will definitely be a more fun experience than the keyport fishery. I can assure you of that.

        2. Pearl of Lisbon has some good portugese seafood fare.

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          1. re: joonjoon

            Moby's in the Highlands would have been a good bet -

            1. re: carlylecat

              How is Moby's. Have never eaten nor have I ever heard of anyone comment about the place.

              As to the Bahr's rec - don't mean to be harsh Johnny, but it's probably the place the guy should not go to (there's a reason that you haven't been there for years - it's the food!). I'm no spring chicken and I'm closer to retirement age than I am to my 20th HS reunion), but damned, Bahr's is the classic tourist trap - it's old, the seafood is so-so and locked back in the 60's but it is extremely popular with the bluehair set - and when I go to Bay Ave, Inlet Cafe etc, the lot is full. Go figure. Plus it ain't cheap.

              1. re: JustJake

                I have to concur with JustJake. Never been impressed with Bahrs, not now and not 15 years ago. Been there many times because my parents like to eat there when they visit from out of town, but I always prepare myself to be disappointed. Moby's is a dumpier place next door, but tends to have better food. I like it because I can go there on the way home from the beach without worrying what I look like or how I'm dressed and get some decent fried seafood or nice clams.

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                  cke, I feel your pain. It's like having a family member taking you to the Buttonwood Manor up in Matawan as well.

                  <super cringe>

                  1. re: JustJake

                    Hahahahaha that's a good analogy!!!! (( Obligitory topic related comment to follow so this post won't be pulled down by the mod's for not being related to or contributing to the topic))

                    Has anyone else besides myself noticed the Bahr's canned soups on local grocery store shelves in the past year or so?

                2. re: JustJake

                  Moby's is fine for what it is, counter service of broild, fried and steamed lobsters, clams, shrimp oysters, and fish that is pretty fresh

                  it was much better before they had a liquor license and you could bring your own - but gnawing on fried fish outdoors on a picnic table watching the boats go by on sandy hook on a breezy summer night is hard to be all that bad

                  Food is acceptable, price is high, french fries are really good, lobsters fresh and tasty - albeit pricey - burgers and teh like for those that dont eat things form the sea...

            2. Go up 36 to the Highlands ... forget the other ones and go to the inlet cafe. It blows the others away by a mile.