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Jul 2, 2012 06:11 AM

ISO Ice Cream Sandwiches

Good morning Hounds-
I just returned from a visit to Michigan. One thing that was in abundance there was house made ice cream sandwiches. Do we have any around here? Extra points if the ice cream uses beer. Please keep it in DC or Northern Virginia. The only ice cream sandwich I have had around town is at Dairy Godmother. Help me out.

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  1. You should check out the new Sugar Magnolia in Cleveland Park. It's right next door (and sister restaurants) to Ripple and from what I hear, they have some amazing house made ice cream sandwiches with funky flavors (here's an article about it:

    Ripple also just opened a grilled cheese bar happy hour. Personally I would go get the grilled cheese for dinner and then head next door for an ice cream sandwich for dessert---what's better than that!

    Also...where in Michigan were you finding these house made ice cream sandwiches? I travel there all the time to visit my bf.

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      Elyssa, if I recall your previous posts, you are headed towards Detroit? I am talking about the west side of the state. There are lots of places in the beach areas on Lake Michigan. The place that is causing the craving is HopCat in Grand Rapids. They have a few beer ice creams between their own cookies.

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        I spend a lot of time in the Detroit area (my bf works there and lives in AA). But we also go to Saugatuck on occasion (GR is on the good to know). We also go up to the Traverse City/Lelanau Peninsula every year for vacation (we'll be there in August).

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        Just an FYI, Sugar Magnolia pre-makes their ice cream sandwiches, and sticks them in the freezer. (I was expecting fresh cookies with handmade ice cream sandwiched between) I was pretty disappointed in the maple bacon waffle ICS.

        1. re: mdpilam

          Agreed, I tried it a few weeks ago and was extremely disappointed. I didn't even finish mine, not a good sign. The ice cream was not particularly good (not much flavor, not at all creamy), the cookies were fine, and the overall product was 'meh.' I tried the chocolate chip-vanilla ice cream.

      3. I think BakeshopVA is making them, but not beer ones. You might also check Buzz Bakery. I know Rustico used to make Guinness cupcakes, don't know if they might have switched it up for summer.

        1. This doesn't fully fit the bill, but if you need a mid-day fix:!/Scoops2u

          1. There is also an ice cream sandwich food truck...can't remember the name though. Anyone know?

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              Sinplicity. Their sandwiches are called Sinwiches. They make all the components for their sandwiches themselves.

              1. re: bmorecupcake

                There is another one I was thinking of....Captain Cookie. Their ice cream sandwiches are made to order with any ice cream and cookie combo they happen to be serving that day:

            2. The Potbelly sandwich chain makes home made ice cream sandwiches. They take two of their cookies (you choose flavor) and a scoop of ice cream (you choose flavor) and make it for you. It's pretty big but delicious.