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Jul 2, 2012 05:13 AM

PVD/RI * July '12 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Post what you know!

In Wayland Square, Teas and Javas, opening in the former Edge space, seems almost ready to go. They gutted the facade, replacing it with floor to ceiling glass doors that open to the sidewalk. This likely addresses the biggest problem of the old space, which is that it felt quite dark inside. We heard that they wanted to open by July 4th, but probably won't quite make that.

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  1. Set to open Monday I read? People in it tonight, looks set and ready to go.

    This appears to be their website:

    From the same folks as the store next door, which is amusing given how many prayers for this place NOT to be turned into another useless cutesy store I have been making.

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        Tried Teas and Javas today. Overall, I give them a B. There is plenty of seating, good natural light, and a nice selection of pastries from Bristol Bakery. The sandwich selections sounded tasty, although I didn't try one.

        But there are still a few kinks to work out. Service was a bit disorganized. It wasn't clear who was taking my order, who and where I was supposed to pay, and how the customer line worked (because the counter is so wide, people were just approaching willy-nilly, as opposed to forming a line).

        There also seemed to be a bit of an identity crisis. There were, of course, Teas and Javas, as well as the aforementioned assortment of baked goods and sandwiches. But then there was an entire display of cupcakes, and yet another of at least 8 kinds of gelato. And the real head scratcher, a fully stocked bar (of booze) behind the displays. There was no alcoholic drink menu that I could see, so I'm not certain what that's all about.

        And a personal pet peeve, a cafe with "Teas" in its name should not be serving powdered Big Train chai. It doesn't have to be homemade, but at least a concentrate would be an improvement over that chalky, powdery stuff.

        The staff were friendly and helpful - and even made me a drink not on the menu. So all in all, promising. I would definitely give them a chance.

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          My wife visited and said the sandwich menu was pretty meat heavy and not super vege friendly, but she only took a quick look. Was that your impression as well? She loved the decor and said the space looks fabulous. Said the gelato was OK, nothing great. No smoothies served (which I definitely miss from the old Edge). Also, no real "breakfast" items on the menu either per her recollection.

          This place seemed to open in record time. Restaurants like Lim's and Abyssinia took like 6 months to start serving and this place seemed to appear overnight. Maybe the Alex and Ani folks have developed better RI "connections?"

          1. re: Garris

            Yes, maybe 3 veggie sandwich options and then a couple of fruit and yogurt parfaits? And I didn't think of the lack of breakfast items, but I think you might be right about that.

    1. Just drove by the old United BBQ place and the sign in the window says "Dok's Deli" coming soon.

      1. The old City Line Pizza on the Providence/Pawtucket line is now My Daddy's Pizza and Grille. I went in today, and got a small Italian sub, which is not asking too much, I don't think. The lady at the counter was very friendly, the sandwich was ready fast, and it was a hefty thing for 5.95. I would have preferred it a little smaller and a little better, but my guess is it will be popular with people who prioritize quantity. For my taste, there was not enough lettuce and tomato, the onions were pretty thick, and I missed the salami. It had two meats: a bologna-type lunch meat and a ham-type lunch meat. I know these probably have Italian names, but I'm not sure what they are. I eat Italian Sub, but I'm afraid I don't speak Italian Sub. The bread was fresh and good though, and as I said, it was fast and friendly, but I do prefer the subs at Hope Street Pizza, or, of course, the local classic: Sandwich Hut.

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          If you want to try an excellent Sub/Grinder/ Hogie or what ever they call them is Venda. Crusty roll not a soggy chewy one. Salami,Mortadella, Prosciutto, Roasted peppers, Thinly sliced tomatoes, decent quality olive oil balsamic vinegar. plus plus.

        2. Under the coming soon category, GoLocalProv has it that the space which housed DownCity is being renovated and will re-open under the umbrella of Chow Fun Food Group.

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            Splendid... ANOTHER Italian restaurant according to the GoLocal link... (sigh)